Rebuild of Evangelion & Original Series

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time​

by Hideaki Anno Studio Khara

Publication date 2021Topics Anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sci-fiLanguage English

The fourth and final instalment of the Rebuild of Evangelion. Misato and her anti-Nerv group Wille arrive in Paris, a city now red from core-ization. Crew from the flagship Wunder land on a containment tower. They only have 720 seconds to restore the city. When a horde of Nerv Evas appear, Mari's improved Eva Unit 8 must intercept. Meanwhile, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei (provisional name) wander around Japan.
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You can also download it here without subtitles. Torrent for it actually has seeders. However since you download it in mp4 high quality directly off their site hassle free, doesn't matter if the torrents have seeds.

I don't normally look at Rotten Tomatoes, but they gave it a perfect 100% & 93% User Rating. Been putting off watching this for a while, even though something to look forward to.


2021, Sci-fi/Action, 2h 34m

Original series can be found here.

Evangelion. Director's Cut Platinum Edition. (News One to Six: New Edition by MC) / Neon Genesis Evangelion (Hideaki Anno) [26 of 26][JAP/RUS+RUS SUB][1995, drama, psychology, fantasy, mecha, 6XDVD9]
Release year : 1995
Country : Japan
Genre : drama, psychology, science fiction, fur
Duration :
619 min (94+94+94+94+116+ 127

Directed by : Hideaki Anno
Description: 15 years have passed since the mysterious global catastrophe that put humanity on the brink of survival. But even more terrible trials await the survivors... The Earth is attacked by "Angels", mysterious giant creatures that appeared from nowhere. The only weapon on the planet capable of countering them is the Evangelion series robots, created with the help of advanced biotechnology. True, only those pilots who can fully "synchronize" themselves with the robot and control the Evangelion as their own body are capable of fighting with the help of these huge machines. These unique fighters are trained and live in the secret underground city of Tokyo-3, the headquarters of the NERV organization, which leads the defense of the Earth from invasion. Shinji, Asuka, and Rei are pilots with an extremely difficult relationship.

Add. information : Here is what the publishers themselves write: "The unforgettable creation of Hideaki Anno (many anime fans consider this director a genius and almost a prophet) and the legendary studio Gainax ("FLCL"), which can rightfully be called one of the most beloved and revered anime series in the world.A unique multi-layered plot that fuses biblical mythology with a captivating melodrama and fantastic surroundings with esoteric allegories, bright memorable characters, stylish animation - these are the hallmarks of this work.Now Russian viewers have access to an extended "director's" version of the series with a remastered video sequence".

Quality : DVD9
Format : MPEG
Video codec : MPEG2
Audio codec : AC3
Video : Standard 4:3 (1.33:1) 720x480
Audio : Russian, Japanese, AC3 48000Hz 16bit 6 channel(s)

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