New Study: 17.1% Of Kids Suffered Cardiac Symptoms And 1 In 96 Potentially Lethal


New Study: 17.1% Of Kids Suffered Cardiac Symptoms And 1 In 96 Experienced Potentially Lethal Heart Rhythms After A 2nd Dose Of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine​

A new study by Chiu et al of 4K school kids aged 12-18 found 17.1% had 1 or more cardiac symptoms + meaningful ECG changes after dose 2 of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine:
  1. Chest pain (8.9%),syncope/dizziness (3.4%)
  2. 51 experienced significant ST-T changes and arrhythmias



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People poisoning babies and young kids disturbed me most about how much some wanted to deny all the science and push the propaganda instead. Seems a large amount of people are eager to poison their kids without hesitation with an experimental new type of drug, which can modify our genome and even create new life. Ignoring all the warnings. So sucks for them having parents who would give them a life long vaccine injury gamble with an experimental vaccine that young; despite how ineffective and all the reports already emerging. Their own data suggested kids would die from it, since they did in their test study.

Saw a UK Channel News host even saying, the concern is a certain percent will die if we vaccinate all the kids & he hopes it doesn't go wrong. However they'll do it anyways, with excess deaths way up in UK; with most of them vaccinated who are dying. COVID isn't a significant factor effecting it.