CBDC, Digital ID, UN & WHO (Anti Christ Plans?)


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What you're really signing up for with Digital ID and CBDC; you can be hacked by the elites & get trapped in a digital dictatorship. Elites would also be able to reengineer the future of life. So would be the end humanity if every were to submit. UN is clearly a Satanic Organization; when most of their plans are very similar to what is predicted of the Anti Christ; even if they can play word games to say it's different. Complete dominance over every aspect of our lives. I believe we should be nice to everyone, including transgender people However UN & NHS wanting to push transgenderism on the youth; convincing kids to castrate themselves & immerse themselves in lies; also seems very satanic. (Probably also priming their brains to think humans can design themselves into whatever they want; so go along with their transhumanism agenda of the elites designing the next generation of life. Which could take a lot kinds of strange forms, similar to pre Flood all sorts of creatures. Them pushing communism on them might be similiar reason, their brains are primed to thinking giving the government more power over everyone will make everything equal; even if that's not how it would turn out. There would be the God like Elites above those who live or die at their whims. Fill their heads with enough lies & they'll support their own doom; thinking they're supporting something good.)

Liberty or Death. (If they're copying a play from the Anti Christ; can't trust them regardless of whether or not they're actually being controlled by him.)

I've already been prepared to refuse no matter what as soon as lockdowns began, since had a feeling something like this is what they'd try pushing next. So nothing they could take from me or offer me to get me on board with that.

Nobody dies for no reason, so the rise of Sudden Adult Death syndrome isn’t people dying for no reason. Just like fear & memories can pass down 2 generations; so can sin of idolatry (worship of the state); which is clear with how many kids are dying over sins of their parents. However one can always choose life & truth instead, leave the past behind. Our lifespans were set to 120 to prevent the kind of permanent dictatorships like he describes; if the elites make themselves immortal & Gods over the rest. So really just repeating old mistakes. Homo Sapiens will be extinct if they have their way. Unless they keep some as pets; but future generations will be designed by people who think they’re Gods.

Guess bible often describes most as dead & can be made alive; since much are mindlessly marching towards their death unless you wake them up. Unless they're one of the elites controlling stuff, you're be useless non-worker soon; when AI doesn't need you. So if you think they really care about keeping all those people AI will soon make useless non-workers alive (which is contradictory to their climate goals); delusions.

It's once the Anti Christ doesn't need to pretend to be good; the real atrocities begin. He thinks bodies, minds and brains will be the main products of the future. Probably since only the Elites who will be able to buy stuff and only thing they'll need. Of course they'll want to kill Christians off; since we're hardwired to resist no matter what. Since we've been warned of exactly this happening. Maybe they're creating a panic over climate change, since they know God's wrath is coming & want to convince as many as possible to give up their freedom; by blaming the dumb masses instead of themselves.

Even if the Flood & setting humans lifespan to 120 years after might seem mean, it was needed for humanity to survive. Before the Flood, the so called Nephilim made themselves Gods above humans and created all kinds of genetic abominations. Not all them were evil, but many of them would eat people.

Seen one pre flood story where they mention creating genetic mixes; where humans had animals head. (See this depicted in old art a lot); ;as well as dumb human like species with red hair and walks on all four; sounds like a Chimp. Interesting that WEF/UN guy mentioned Chimps aren't racist; when he mentioned Chimps in response to what to do about all the useless workers. He thinks they can surpass God of Old Testament; since they can create both organic and inorganic life with AI; so no longer would they need to care about keeping people smart enough to work.

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.”

Maybe because rich people are so attached to their stuff; they're unwilling to give it up when next they want everyone to get an implant (Say it's for your convenience) & they'll take it even knowing what it is. Since to attached to their stuff & state of delusion.

Poor people & those in a lot of debt, don't care about material things so much and easy to say no. (So long as they accept truth & don't let themselves be deceived for other reasons. Such as thinking survival like an animal is all that matters. However those who sacrifice essential liberty for the illusion of safety will have neither; since you won't be safe from those in power if you don't have liberty to say no.)

Jesus' attitude towards the govs currency; was he didn't care about their currency. Had no sway over him.

Even if the Anti-Christ controls a bunch of nations because of the economic benefits, they continue as republics until the second half. Which is when they submit their authority over.

"A republic is a system of government where people choose representatives through elections to make decisions in the public's interest."

Isn't until the second half they submit their authority to the Anti Christ and begin worshiping him. Which is likely when those nations would start killing Christians and everyone else who refuses no matter what.

My view of the Bible is not to take everything that will happen word for word, but heed the warnings. So for those who lack the ability to realize the only reason for the mark of the beast would be to give away free will & think only if there is a tattoo with 666 on it does it matter; they're missing the point. Even if it would have happened that way if people weren't warned, they could adjust their plans to achieve the same thing without that.

Bill Gates is the biggest donor to the WHO, with Microsoft Patenting this at the start of pandemic. I see 666 related to a cryptocurrency which awards people based on their actions; which can be transmitted remotely. So I think already warnings with that number.


Real mark of the beast could be when they want to fuse the Digital ID & CBDC into one implant to give people; with maybe a UBI for getting the implant. Those who don't already know to reject it no matter what could easily be fooled to go a little further. So long as you worship them & do nothing which offends them; as well as everything they tell you to. (They'll know, because they always know everything you're doing & even what's going on inside your body/brain). I think who would actually take it despite the warnings? Lots of people I guess, since they're so wrapped up in material things & believe there is nothing more to reality than what the elites tell them; they'll believe what is convenient for them. If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything maybe.

I would think it easy to say no for anyone who even knows of the prophecy and them trying it would prove it true; but who knows how many might be deceived regardless. You'll cut my head off if I say no? Try it. lol