Bodies Dropping from Vaccines & Pfizer's long history of Scandals



Pattern Recognition By Michael Schreiner | May 21, 2014
Humans are masters of pattern recognition and the trait has served us well over the eons, giving us a distinct competitive advantage in the battle for survival. Seeing a pattern turns you into a fortune teller, letting you predict what will happen next so that you no longer simply react to circumstances in the moment but can actually plan, setting yourself up for success before an event has occurred.

Tried warning you people, but got perma banned for "Doing nothing other than spread misinformation since I signed up."

Capgros [2088627]

You literally believe they put dead children there? No kid known has died from the vaccine at this moment, literally zero.

At this point I'm starting to believe that people in the west are not evolving but devolving.

Anarch_Nexus [2735811]

You're insane, I posted a link just previous to known case. Cause of death, COVID Vaccine.

Something wrong with you pretend this person never existed.

"George Jr. was a college student. Described as a homebody, he loved playing video games and being with his family.

“[He’s] shy at first, but once you get to know him, he’s a jokester, a quick-witted kid,” Kelly Watts, George Jr.’s mother, said.

Because he wanted to take his classes in person, George Jr. needed to be fully vaccinated. He scheduled his vaccine appointment, receiving his first shot of Pfizer in August and his second in September. His parents said he chose that vaccine because it was recently fully approved by the Food & Drug Administration.

After his first dose, George Jr. experienced complications, which he chose to keep to himself. According to his parents, blood was in his urine after the first shot. He then received his second dose in mid-September, where he experienced flu-like symptoms that did not resolve.

“I noticed he was starting to get puffy in the face like a sinus issue… He had a cough and I decided to take him to the emergency room to see what was going on,” explained George Watts Sr., George Jr.’s father.

According to the autopsy report, they went to the emergency room in October, hoping for answers. He complained of several symptoms, but none that were cardiac-related, according to the report. After a workup and a negative COVID-19 test, doctors diagnosed George Jr. with a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. The Watts family was told his infection should resolve in a week or two.

George Jr. was still feeling ill a week later, so they went back to the emergency room for another assessment. He presented with similar symptoms, according to the Coroner’s office, and doctors advised that the sinus infection could take extra time to go away.

By the end of October, his symptoms were even worse. His parents told 18 News he began coughing up blood and experienced pain in his feet, hands, and teeth. He also became extremely sensitive to sunlight.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

“I told him that I was going to take him to the emergency room the next day after I got out of work,” George Sr. said. “We never made that trip to the emergency room.”

George Jr. collapsed in his room on October 27 and was pronounced dead later that morning. His dad described him as healthy, saying he had no underlying medical conditions. An autopsy report from the Bradford County Coroner’s Office shows George Jr. died from “COVID-19 vaccine-related myocarditis.”

“The cause of death is the COVID-19 vaccine-related myocarditis,” Timothy Cahill Jr., Chief Deputy Coroner for Bradford County, said. “We are currently working on other cases that are related to vaccine and booster-related issues within our county.”

Capgros [2088627]
Again, this is from a Twitter account, and probably a big lie, there are non known cases of children dying from the vaccine.

Come with something else than Twitter lol, anybody can write there whatever they want lol

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Anarch_Nexus [2735811]
I also posted a link the media station who reported it's website directly; you really are crazy. lol

I also even bolded part where the coroner said cause of death was the vaccine and they're working on other cases related to the vaccine, as well as booster. Meaning not the only death from them; since deaths are the only cases a coroner would be working on.

“The cause of death is the COVID-19 vaccine-related myocarditis,” Timothy Cahill Jr., Chief Deputy Coroner for Bradford County, said. “We are currently working on other cases that are related to vaccine and booster-related issues within our county.”

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Yeah, only people fabricate these stories, so I want to see real evidence. And you don't have any, just to give an example:

Anti-vaxxers fabricate Sydney boy’s death in latest COVID vaccination scare campaign

But it’s believed to be the latest case of misinformation running rife - a deliberate attempt to discourage parents booking in to get their children vaccinated, less than a week after 5 to 11-year-olds became eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in Australia.
There is no record of a Lachlan Leary who died in Sydney last week, or indeed at all

And more:

Post falsely claims British boy died from COVID-19 vaccine

Based on our research, we rate FALSE the claim that a photo shows Blythe and her son, who died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine. The image shows a different woman posing with her son, who is alive. The death of Blythe's son was not tied to a COVID-19 vaccine. He did not receive a vaccine

Pretty sick to make up these stories.

Yes, I'm sick in the head for caring about people dying & warning people. lol. (Links he gave were unrelated to what I was talking about, just fake stories to try discrediting real ones.)

Real reason I'm banned and he won't give details, he doesn't want me warning of anymore vaccine deaths, side effects or crimes by Big Pharma. Rather keep that as quiet as possible.



BREAKING NEWS: 17,000 Physicians and Scientists declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety information from patients and physicians which led to toxic death and should be immediately indicted for fraud.
5:06 AM · Jan 20, 2023

BREAKING — The end is near for COVID vaccines. In Japan, 2 more professors speaking out. Prof Masanaka Nagao from Hiroshima University School of Medicine, and Prof. Shigetoshi Sano from Kochi University

“We believe these vaccines are related to serious immune abnormalities”
12:29 PM · Jan 16, 2023

#vaccinegenocide SKIPPED ANIMAL TESTING because the animals were dying ?
12:50 PM · Jan 19, 2023

London professor of oncology calls for urgent stop to C19 boosters

"As an oncologist, I am seeing people with stable cancer rapidly relapse after a C19 booster...." - Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St. Georges Hospital Medical School, London

7:08 AM · Jan 18, 2023


No wonder rich people request unvaccinated Pilots, that's a lot of bodies dropping randomly.

8 year old died suddenly in Brazil yesterday ??
5:51 AM · Jan 19, 2023

#vaccinegenocide Rest In Peace “Blood on Their Hands”
2:31 PM · Jan 20, 2023

British Columbia mother speaks out after her teen daughter has gone through a year of “crippling hell” after the thing.? #VaccineSideEffects #vaccinegenocide #vaccineinjuries #CovidVaccines #safeandeffective #bcpoli #bc #Pfizer

#vaccinegenocide 4 days following second ?? myocarditis
12:03 PM · Jan 19, 2023

Never forget: 14-year-old Sarah Blattner made this video documenting her suffering from the #mRNA #vaccine. 5 days later she died. #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Nuremberg2 #VaccineDeath #DiedSuddenlyNews #SuddenDeath #vaccinegenocide #PfizerFiles #FauciFiles #FauciLiedMillionsDied
6:25 AM · Jan 19, 2023

Nothing to see here but a perfectly healthy 17-year-old boy nearly die from a #cardiacarrest while playing baseball. #Myocarditis #StopTheShots #VaccineDeaths #DiedUnexpectedly #Pfizer #CrimesAgainstHumanity #vaccinegenocide #mRNA #Nuremberg2 #SuddenAdultDeathSyndrome
2:23 PM · Jan 13, 2023

Pizer knew about the high possibility of strokes, heart damage, brain hemorrhages, and complications with reproduction. #vaccinegenocide
8:35 PM · Jan 19, 2023

#vaccinegenocide “This injection campaign is going to go down as the greatest scandal in medical history” ?
9:53 AM · Jan 20, 2023

Administrators of a COVID vax injuries/deaths just noted that there are so many new deaths per day to post about — and they’re beginning to feel like they can’t keep up. #vaccinegenocide
8:42 PM · Jan 16, 2023

They thought they were trusting "the science".

In reality, TRUE Scientists were banned from Publishing Papers or even presenting data on YouTube, Social Media or regular Media.

What these #vaccinegenocide VICTIMS
of the #BioWeapon "#vaccines" trusted in

To many bodies to list even recent ones.

Pfizer’s reprehensible rap sheet prior to the pinnacle of its criminality – its mRNA COVID-19 vaccines?
11th January 2023 by Nadya Swart

Over the last three years, Pfizer has certainly stood out as the kingpin of Big Pharma – an industry which managed to rebrand itself as the saviour of humanity during COVID-19 – while orchestrating perhaps the most reprehensible global human trials with experimental drugs, the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, to date. This article details Pfizer’s rap sheet. A long, but not exhaustive, list of payouts and settlements between 1992 and 2016 for felonies ranging from defrauding the federal government, to promoting drugs for unapproved use, and withholding critical information about the side-effects of drugs. As Dr Duncan Du Bois stated in an email to BizNews with reference to this article, “Based on the above, saying YES to the Pfizer jab or booster is a no-brainer.” This article first appeared on The Defender. – Nadya Swart

Pfizer Has a Long History of Fraud, Corruption and Using Children as Human Guinea Pigs?​

Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla claimed during a November 2021 interview that a small group of “medical professionals” who are intentionally circulating “misinformation” critical of the Pfizer vaccine narrative are “criminals,” but Bourla didn’t mention the criminal history of his own company.
By Kanekoa News
One of the most significant cultural transformations of the last two years has been the newfound glorification of the pharmaceutical industry.
An industry plagued by decades of fraud, corruption and criminality managed to quickly rebrand itself as the saviour of humanity during the COVID-19 crisis.
But nothing inherently changed. Big Pharma still values shareholders’ profits more than people’s lives.
The regulatory agencies still operate as revolving doors to the pharmaceutical giants they are said to regulate.
Big Pharma still dominates lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C., and spends billions each year advertising pharmaceutical products.
Despite the notorious corrupt nature of the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla claimed during a November 2021 interview that a small group of “medical professionals” who are intentionally circulating “misinformation” critical of the Pfizer vaccine narrative are “criminals.”
Bourla seemed to have forgotten about the history of his own company.

Pfizer’s long history of criminal behaviour
Under the settlement, Pfizer also agreed to pay $9.25 million in coming years to monitor patients who received the device at Veterans Administration hospitals or pay for its removal.
The deal was criticised by consumer rights activists who urged Government officials to bring criminal charges and lobbied for a steeper civil penalty for the multibillion-dollar company that had covered up safety concerns even as the device was killing patients.
A report by Nigeria’s health ministry concluded the experiment was “an illegal trial of an unregistered drug,” a “clear case of exploitation of the ignorant,” and a violation of Nigerian and international law. Pfizer did not obtain consent or inform the patients that they were the subjects of an experiment, not the recipients of an approved drug.

Pfizer agreed that it aggressively marketed the epilepsy drug illicitly for unrelated conditions, including bipolar disorder, pain, migraine headaches and drug and alcohol withdrawal. Pfizer’s tactics included planting company operatives in the audience at medical education events and bribing doctors with luxury trips.
  • In 2008, the New York Times published an article entitled “Experts Conclude Pfizer Manipulated Studies.” Pfizer delayed the publication of negative studies, spun negative data to place it in a more positive light and controlled the flow of clinical research data to promote its epilepsy drug Neurontin.
Pfizer discontinued its marketing program for Neurontin in 2004 after the drug became available as a generic. That same year, the company paid $430 million to settle federal criminal and civil claims that one of its subsidiaries had promoted the drug for unapproved uses.

The government alleged that Pfizer had paid kickbacks to compliant doctors and also promoted three other drugs illegally: the antipsychotic Geodon, an antibiotic Zyvox and the antiepileptic drug Lyrica.
Senior FDA officials had long stood behind the drug despite a mounting death toll and Rezulin’s absence of proven life-saving benefits. The position of the FDA officials stood in contrast to their counterparts in Britain, where Rezulin was removed effectively on Dec. 1, 1997.
Pfizer also paid $15.3 million to 250 academic medical centres and other research groups for clinical trials in the same period. The disclosures were required by an agreement that the company signed to settle a federal investigation into the illegal promotion of drugs for off-label uses.

  • In 2010, Blue Cross Blue Shield filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, accusing the pharmaceutical giant of illegally bribing 5,000 doctors with lavish Caribbean vacations, golf games, massages and other recreational activities to convince doctors to use Bextra for off-label use.
  • In 2010, leaked cables between Pfizer and U.S. officials in Nigeria showed that Pfizer had hired investigators to unearth evidence of corruption against the Nigerian attorney general to blackmail him to drop legal action over the controversial 1996 Trovan trial involving children with meningitis.
In 2009, Pfizer agreed to pay $75 million to the families harmed during the 1996 drug trial. Still, the cables suggest that the US drug giant was looking for blackmail to get the Nigerian attorney general to drop the $6 billion federal suit against Pfizer.
The leaks showed that Pfizer’s investigators were passing ‘damaging’ information to the local media and threatening the attorney general that much more damaging information would come out if he did not drop the suit. The $6 billion lawsuit was dropped in 2009.
According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, employees of Pfizer’s subsidiaries authorised and made cash payments and provided other incentives to bribe government doctors to utilise Pfizer products.
Several plaintiffs were awarded tens of millions of dollars, including punitive damages for the drug maker’s actions in withholding information about the risk of breast cancer from Prempro.
According to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who led the probe, Wyeth got doctors to push the drug for unapproved uses, relying on “misleading presentations of data.”
The above is only a partial list of the fraud, corruption and criminality of Pfizer. There are other examples of Pfizer unethically testing pharmaceutical products in the world’s poorest nations and participating in other criminal actions.

Whistleblowers expose Pfizer COVID vaccine trials
While Pfizer’s CEO believes that it is criminal to question the integrity of his pharmaceutical company, multiple whistleblowers have already come forward, exposing the lack of integrity of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trials.
Leading medical journal The BMJ published a report exposing faked data, blind trial failures, poorly trained vaccinators and a slow follow-up on adverse reactions in the phase-three trial of Pfizer’s gene therapy shots.
When the whistleblower reported her concerns to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), she was fired later the same day because she was “not a good fit.” The FDA never inspected the clinical trial site of the whistleblower complaint.
Another whistleblower named Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer trial for 12 to 15-year-olds. 24 hours after her second dose, she was in an emergency room.

She is now in a wheelchair, requires a feeding tube through her nose and is still suffering 9 months later. Maddie was 1 of 1,131 children in Pfizer’s clinical trial for children aged 12-15.

Pfizer officially recorded Maddie’s adverse event as “abdominal pain” when reporting clinical trial results to the FDA. If we know Maddie’s devastating, life-altering injury is recorded as “abdominal pain” in the clinical trials: what other serious adverse events have been hidden by Pfizer and ignored by the FDA?

Attorney Aaron Siri and a group of more than 30 scientists, medical professionals and journalists asked the FDA for “all data and information for the Pfizer vaccine,” including safety and effectiveness data, adverse reaction reports and a list of active and inactive ingredients.
The FDA managed to consider all 329,000 pages of data and grant emergency approval of the Pfizer vaccine within just 108 days but is now asking for 75 years to fully release that information to the public.

Siri wrote on his Substack:

“So, let’s get this straight. The federal government shields Pfizer from liability. Gives it billions of dollars. Makes Americans take its product. But won’t let you see the data supporting its product’s safety and efficacy. Who does the government work for?”

In a December 2021 interview, World Bank President, David Malpass, said that Pfizer will not give mRNA shots to countries where they face legal liabilities for side effects.
Malpass shared:
“Pfizer has been hesitant to go into some of the countries because of the liability problems, they don’t have a liability shield.”
This clearly shows that Pfizer is not operating from some moral high road for the betterment of society. This is about profit, and the people of the world have every right to question the integrity of Pfizer based on its criminal history and current actions.
As I have written in previous articles, this is still a pandemic of the untreated because captured regulatory agencies refuse to provide early treatment protocols featuring cheap and effective off-patent medications.
How much of this refusal to treat patients is due to Big Pharma’s leverage over captured regulatory agencies?
And, by all accounts, the COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy shots are failing to stop the spread worldwide. Still, Pfizer expected to bring in $33.5 billion in vaccine revenue in 2021 and expects even more profits in 2022 if it can continue to convince the world that its pharmaceutical products are the saviour of humanity.
The download
“The Joe Rogan Experience” “#1747 — Dr. Peter McCullough”
: Dr Peter A. McCullough, M.D., MPH, is a board-certified cardiologist who has testified before committees of the U.S. and Texas Senate regarding the treatment of COVID-19 and management of the ongoing pandemic. He joins Joe Rogan to discuss early treatment, vaccines and all things COVID-19 in the most important podcast episode of 2021. Watch here.
“Doctor’s Orders” — a documentary by Defending The Republic has produced a documentary, “Doctors Orders,” on COVID-19 issues. The documentary features Dr Vladimir Zelenko, Dr Bradley Meyer, Dr Ted Fogarty and other medical professionals talking about how our medical system has failed the American people by blocking safe and effective early treatment options for COVID-19. Watch here.
Dr Robert Malone puts out a statement against vaccinating healthy children: Before you vaccinate your child, which is irreversible and potentially permanently damaging, find out why 15,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world signed a declaration publicly declaring that healthy children should NOT be vaccinated for COVID-19. On behalf of these M.D.s and Ph.D.s, Dr Robert Malone, who has devoted his career to vaccine development, provides parents a clear statement outlining the scientific facts behind this decision. Watch here.
“Huge new study shows ZERO Covid deaths among healthy German children”: German physician-scientists reported Monday that not a single healthy child between the ages of 5 and 18 died of COVID-19 in Germany in the first 15 months of the epidemic. Not one. Serious illness was also extremely rare. The odds that a healthy child aged 5-11 would require intensive care for COVID-19 were about 1 in 50,000, the researchers found. For older and younger children, the odds were about 1 in 8,000. Read here.
“More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions”: The great body of evidence shows that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, masks, school closures and mask mandates have failed in their purpose of curbing transmission or reducing deaths. These restrictive policies were ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm, especially to the poorer and more vulnerable within societies. The research indicates that mask mandates, lockdowns and school closures have had no discernible impact on virus trajectories. Read here.

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