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Yahoo Analtyics

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Submitter: Nicholai

Category: Abstract

exhibition Date: 2017-11-01 23:08:58 MST

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Submitter's Comment
Yahoo uses Google's Search Engine and Google uses Yahoo's investment Analytics. This is interesting because I have used Google Analytics for years. Despite dealing with very different types of data the interface is extremely similar.

I have investors who would be happy to split the profits of all investments 50/50 with a company such as Yahoo, if they allow us to use their service for transactions and help develop artificial intelligence systems to predict patterns with metadata.

We would be willing to provide 3- 47% of profits to a company which produces a product which allows people to buy and sell directly on a platform similar or superior to Yahoo.

This means Google and Yahoo are both being offered a massive profit for a modified version of programs they already offer for free. The programs should remain free. They simply subtract a percentage of the profit a user makes using this version.

This offer is not limited to Yahoo and Google. Any company which is willing to embrace this concept will be considered and tested if USER FRIENDLY.

Yahoo is in the best position to accept this offer at this point because of the stock software they have online for free. Google is a perfect position to beat Yahoo to this offer because they have the resources, AI research and Analytical programming if Yahoo fails to respond within hours. 3rd party companies are also welcome to apply.

The rules are simple:

1. The software must be free, in order to gain the 50% profits of users.

2. Decreasing the profit ratio you demand from your consumer in an attempt to gain an advantage is allowed. (I feel the best program will prevail regardless of the ration but you are free to experiment.)

3. Increasing the cost past 50 percent of the profits would only be acceptable if an AI plays a useful role. This could range from casting projections to automating a profitable portfolio. (I would advise focusing on projections if they are reliable. You're company makes no money if your software is inaccurate but you hurt your brand name. Don't try this option unless you are certain your AI is profitable.)

All three rules were created for your own protection. Rule number 3 is the most important to consider. There is no need to ask more than 50% no matter how good your product is. Having your product dominate the market at 50% is more profitable than alternatives I calculated based on PR and competition


This offer is not limited to Yahoo and/or Google. All programmers who understand the concept are encouraged to start testing ASAP. Don't waste time coding this tool if you don't understand how the profits work. We will not pay for the software. We are only paying half our profits for the results the software offers.

You can contact if you have questions for now.

Keywords: programming contest, analytical, analytics, investments, dividend stocks, AI, coding game, stock, pc

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