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Torture in Tarpon

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Submitter: [anonymous]

Category: Political

exhibition Date: 2017-02-15 12:26:23 MST

Last Update: 2017-06-28 00:57:34 MST

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Submitter's Comment
The "war on drugs" has been used to seize legal firearms, plant drugs on the victims of violent crimes after knocking them out, kidnapping people from their property, illegally searching people by claiming they consent, torturing them after they are handcuffed and filing charges which destroy lives. The worst of these sadistic cops work with other violent criminals in Tarpon Springs Florida.

Last year I got a new IT Support Position. We moved to Tarpon Springs, three blocks from our Greek Orthodox Church. The location appeared to be perfect and I loved my new job. The contract allowed me to help people by troubleshooting with the skills I enjoyed. This was a contract to hire. My salary would increase by more than 70 percent after the first month. A contract to hire allowed to to utilize my Bachelors degree in an enjoyable application. I was very happy because my job allowed me to help dozens of people on a daily basis. Most of them were restaurant managers. I also helped a lot of their employees and customers.

I was already training new employees to use VNC, Menu Editor and Solar Wiinds. I was scheduled to transfer from being a contracted to a full time and direct employee within a few days

Within a few minutes of returning from work on September 20th. My neighbor Samantha started pounding on my door very loud and hard. I rushed over and opened the door.


We had never met because she works night shifts at a doughnut shop and shooting range. She introduced herself as Samantha, my neighbor. My landlord had told me my new neighbor was named Samantha and was looking for a security job. I had been doing security full time, before starting my IT contract. I had switched to part time security, as I looked for someone to take over my post.

Samantha told me she heard noises from the storage area below my unit. She indicated she was scared and asked me to come with her to investigate. I didn't bother putting a bullet in the chamber of a weapon. I put my smallest compact inside a pocket, rather than carrying it in my hand or harness. I was not holding it because I thought Samantha was trustworthy, yet paranoid.

The lock to my storage area was broken at this time so I didn't use this area. I had worked very late, so it was already past 2am. There were no working lights in this storage area. I couldn't hear anything so I walked right inside the slider. I was knocked out by Mathew Winters when he hit me in the head with a metal pipe by surprise. My keys, phone, wallet and gun were missing when I regained consensuses. I asked if someone could call the police, flagged them down and told them I was mugged.

Samantha must have been friends with Officers Evans Trinidad and Larry Bird. She told them, I attacked Mathew Winters for no reason "with fists clenched" before punching him in the face several times, according to Evans Trinidad's sworn statement. Evans Trinidad sites a scratch on Mathew's leg and a tear in his shirt as proof that I punched Mathew Winters in the face. Trinidad goes on to write Mathew Winters is my neighbor and Samantha was his girlfriend. I later found out Samantha claims Mathew was never her boyfriend and my landlord said Mathew Winters was prohibited from the property because of his record of theft.

As I was explaining I was mugged on my own property. Larry Bird and another Tarpon Officer body slammed me. One of them put his foot or knee on the back of my head to push it into the ground, as my arms were twisted so hard I thought they were broken. Larry Bird was asking me if I had anything on me as the pressure on my head and body increased. The officers who assaulted me are Michael Trinidad, Andrew Warwick, Jose Yourgules, and Christopher Lemmons's
I remember being lifted up in handcuffs and dragged towards an ambulance. Larry slammed me face first into the driveway, as soon as I asked why I was under arrest. My arms were bound behind my back so my head hit the ground harder than before. By the time I regained consciousness I was strapped to a frame being lifted into an ambulance. The medic asked Larry Bird if he wanted to ride along. Larry Bird smiled and said he was going to enjoy this, as he looked at me. Larry Bird laughed and joked about me getting beat up by a girl when I told him I was the victim of an armed robbery. He told me I owe him a new pair of pants because he tore them while "body-slamming" me. He asked me to give him another chance to body slam me, even though my hands and legs where chained so I couldn't move. He verbally abused and threatened me the entire way to the hospital. Florida Hospital is the name of the filthy torture business they took me.

They demanded I urinate in a cup as I was bound to the bed. I was not able to urinate because I felt dehydrated and the restraints made moving impossible. They told me a needle would be inserted into my penis if I didn't urinate in the cup without a drink when I asked if I could have some water. They showed me a needle and I made the mistake of telling them I hate needles. Chris started digging it into my arm. He created a bloody mess before inserting it into a vein very slow and painfully. I

I was injected with a liquid which made my arm and body feel very hot. This heating sensation continued to increase until lost consciousnesses. I woke up the next morning to see another officer. This one did not torture me like Larry Bird, but he did refuse my requests for water without any mercy. I was told I would not be allowed to drink any water until I arrived at Jail. I was so thirsty and uncomfortable being tied down, I was looking forward to being transferred to jail. He was telling the truth when he said it would take several hours for a transport vehicle to arrive.

Trinidad claims to have found 8 illegal drugs on me even though he also claims I gave him consent to search him because I "have nothing else on me". I'm not sure if these drugs were planted by Mathew and Samantha during the armed robbery, or the police who caused even more damage. Several of these were felonies, so I was strip searched but the officers at Jail were professional. They noticed I was bleeding from my face and had bruises everywhere, so I was transferred to the medical section after seeing the doctor.

The doctor in the medical department told me he suspected my brain could be swelling. I was transferred to Bay-care after my family borrowed over $1,000 as a down payment of my &10,000 bound. Cat scans confirmed my brain was swollen but this was the least of my concerns. The beatings I received from Mathew Winters, Tarpon Officer Larry Bird and the arresting officers before and after being hand cuffed caused permanent damage to my spine and left leg. I was not allowed to be prescribed any pain killers because of the false drug charges.

Even though I had access to a phone at jail and Bay Care, I didn't have my IT contractor or employers phone number. By the time I was released, I had missed three days of work. The Tarpon police refused to return my keys, wallet, ID or phone for a fourth day to ensure I was terminated from my IT contract.

I have medical records proving I was the victim of brutal assaults on 9-20-2016. Officer Micheal Trinidad swears under oath that a rip in Mathew Winter's shirt and a scratch on his leg collaborate Samantha and Mathew Winter's claim that I attacked Mathew Winters with my fist clenched and punched him in the face with any cause. The Tarpon police never bothered explaining why these criminals were trespassing in my home, I was bleeding from the face when I told them I was mugged. They simply claim I reached for my "keys or gun" in the backyard. Trinidad goes on to claim I gave him permission to search me on my own property. He said the reason I consented to the search was I claimed I had "nothing else" on me. He then claims to have found 8 different bags of residue ranging from Oxycontin to Amoxicillin and a bag of tobacco laced with THC and an opiate I had never heard of.

My brakes stopped working on the way back from dropping of my keys to my former contractor. I suspect Mathew Winters damaged my breaks while I was in custody because the person I bought the car from had just spent $600 on a checkup a few days prior and I had only owned the car a couple days before this took place. The car was completely wreaked in the crash. Mathew Winters and Samantha vanished by the time I got out of the hospital.

The new neighbor who moved into the unit Samantha used to live in use to work for the Justice Department. He sent me the follow text regarding the women who moved into Unit 101 A Cypress Street (the unit I had lived in at the time the police attacked me a few days after I moved back to Palm Harbor:

"Another incident last night, around 3AM, that could shed light on what's going on.

I was taking out recycling. Girl from next door was outside, in a state of emotional distress. Talking to someone in a white SUV or Truck with camper top.

Her comments something to the effect of: You don't understand. He keeps beating the shit out of me, and I keep getting arrested."

I am assuming that driver of vehicle was some sort of official; however, it was too dark to determine.

Using a flashlight, they reviewed some paperwork, wrote down some notes, and appeared to be in consult with someone.

When they drove away, I noticed no official markings on the vehicle; however, Tarpon Springs does have unmarked vehicles.

Just thought you should know.

Take care. "

I called him to learn more and he told me the new female neighbor was being stalked by a Tarpon Law enforcement officer who had access to her Unit. He heard several violent fights and arguments. The female was beaten by the Tarpon Officer, who he suspected was a boyfriend of hers on a regular basis. She was arrested and spent several days in jail each time the police arrived.

This indicates the criminals who beat and mugged me, and the officers who responded by torturing me, lying and planting drugs on me got away with everything.

I was not able to afford an attorney so I had to rely on a public defender for a case which carried 11 years in prison. He told me the mugging and fact that I was knocked out three times would not effect the case. He refused to request finger prints on the metal bar which was used to beat me, the bags of residue the police claim to have found on me, my wallet, keys or gun. He asked me if I wanted to defend myself when I asked for a jury trail. He informed me the only fact that would be considered in my trail would be the fact that the bags of residue were found on my possession. The lack of my finger prints, presence of other people's finger prints and my lack of consent would not be admissible in the case.

He told me all charges would be dropped if I accept a PTI deal for 16 months. He didn't mention the fact that public records would indicate this was an admission of guilt, I had spend 1000 dollars on fines, inform my part time employer I'm on PTI, do 30 hours of community service or waive the right to sue the police.

I wish I had died during the attacks because my life ever since this attack has been a hopeless nightmare and there might have been a chance of justice if I hadn't survived the attack. I now live in constant pain, poverty and debt. The criminals who mugged me have vanished the police who tortured me, planted drugs on me and lied under oath are still serving in the Tarpon Police force. My Christian faith and knowledge of the negative effects my suicide would have on my family prevent me from taking my own life. I have desired death since my life was destroyed by these criminals, Tarpon Police and Florida Hospital.

There is nothing worse than the fear of torture that comes with the knowledge the police and their criminal friends can get away with anything. I have lost my right to bear arms, employment and a doctor thanks to the Tarpon Police and the criminals they conspire with. This attack took place a few days after I published one of Hillary's emails on Facebook and accused her or corruption. I advise you to avoid criticizing establishment politicians unless you live with a well armed militia.

Keywords: Florida Hosptial, Police state, torture, learned helplessness, Tarpon Police, police abuse, criminal

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