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Galactic Research Institute

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exhibition Date: 2014-06-01 17:27:04 MST

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Every planet is a member of a star system. Every star system is a member of a galaxy. This means we are galactic in our nature - and that galactic consciousness is the next stage of our evolution.

The Galactic Research Institute (GRI) of the Foundation for the Law of Time is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study and investigation of the nature of the galaxy, galactic consciousness, galactic culture, galactic science and communication, and galactic citizenship and the future of Earth.

The basis of the research is the Law of Time and the science of the synchronic order. The Law of Time is based on three premises:

1. Time is the universal frequency of synchronization, mathematically expressed as a ratio constant, 13:20. From this is derived the harmony of the synchronic order, expressed as the formulation T(E) = Art - Energy factored by time equals art. The synchronic order is the actual nature of reality in which all phenomena are in synchronicity with each other.

2. The 13:20 frequency distinguishes universal natural time from the artificial time of the present Earth civilization, expressed as the frequency ratio 12:60 (irregular 12 month calendar and mechanistic 60 minute hour). According to the Law of Time, the means to resolve the aberration of artificial time and its deviance from the universal order of reality is the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar and the Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Plan.

3. The velocity of time is instantaneously infinite. This means that time is faster than the speed of light and is the means of higher mental communication - telepathy. Because of this, the Galactic Research Institute believes that research into different states of consciousness and parapsychological phenomena as well as the direct perception of the mind are the highest means by which the galaxy can be investigated.

The galaxy is the elementary whole system organizing unit of the universe. As such, we have only known about galaxies and their study for about 100 years. It is now recognized that there are some ten billion galaxies spread throughout the universe, each with billions of stars. To merely grasp the magnitude and nature of a galaxy and of its diffusion throughout the cosmos is to enlarge our consciousness. And most certainly, there is life and consciousness dispersed through the billions of galaxies that, in some cases, is more advanced than ours.

The Galactic Research Institute believes that the next stage of our evolution is galactic consciousness. Through the procedures of historical materialism, the present Earth civilization has reached its limit. The biospheric support system is threatened with destruction. To avoid this, the human must raise its consciousness. The crisis of the biosphere engenders the next quantum leap in consciousness, the noosphere - the Earth’s mental envelope.

Because of this, the GRI believes the era of the nation state has passed and humans need to recognize that they are solar-galactic life forms with a particular place and role in the evolution of galactic life and consciousness. To this end through the Foundation for the Law of Time, the GRI sponsored the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights in Brasilia, Brazil, Electric Moon, Red Magnetic Moon Year (September 22-26, 2006), and advocates the establishment of a World Biospheric Congress and Noospheric Assembly to prepare humanity for its shift into galactic consciousness.

It is the noosphere that will entrain our Earth consciousness in galactic consciousness. To prepare for this eventuality is the mission of the Galactic Research Institute.

To this end, the GRI’s major umbrella project is the Noosphere II, the Great Experiment of the Law of Time. The purpose of this project is to anticipate and simulate noospheric states of consciousness which also define the galactic order of reality and the means of communicating with galactic civilization.

Noosphere II includes the CREST13 program, the Centers for the Restitution of the Natural Mind, a network of meditation and telepathic research centers dispersed globally. The first such project is now underway in Mexico - 12 other centers are to be developed as soon as possible.

Another ongoing endeavor sponsored by the GRI is the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Project, the goal of which is to telepathically connect the two auroras of Earth’s poles by 2012.

The major publishing project of the GRI is the Cosmic History Chronicles, the Reformulation of the Human Mind. The sixith volume is soon to be published, to be followed by one more.

The GRI is also developing an affiliate network of other organizations dedicated to similar research, such as the ISRICA (Institute for the Scientific Research and Investigation of Cosmic Anthropoecology) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, and The Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly.

The GRI is working with a timetable that is pivoted on the December 21, 2012 end point of the current Mayan calendar “Great Cycle.” By this time the shift in solar cosmic energy will climax and humanity must be ready to advance to its next stage of evolution - galactic consciousness and the coming of galactic culture on Earth.

Principle means of funding for the GRI will be through the Law of Time Press, public and private sponsorship, and appropriate grants.

The Galactic Research Institute is the research and development vehicle of the Foundation for the Law of Time, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established for the promotion of knowledge and understanding of the Law of Time, the Thirteen moon/28-day calendar and the World Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Plan.


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Keywords: cosmic consciousness, noosphere, alien research

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