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AntiChrist Rising

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Submitter: [anonymous]

Category: Abstract

exhibition Date: 2016-01-09 22:46:11 MST

Last Update: 2018-05-06 17:57:35 MST

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Submitter's Comment
The CIA's two party system's "war on drugs", "war on terror" and "war on poverty" are creating breading grounds for the AntiChrist. Those who think the war on drugs was intended to reduce drug use might think it's failing.
The real objectives are maximizing the price, profits, harm and suffering. Animals are tortured, disected and killed in experiments without anthesia as the war on drugs pushes the price of anestics to over 300 dollars a month for small dogs.
AIDS is spreading like wildfire because needles are the most effective form of delivery for most substances. The goal was to make painkillers, cannabis and other effective drugs an exclusive luxury for the elite. Satan enjoys the pain people and thier pets go through when they have to decide on ethonsia and sucide. The cost of medication, doctor\'s visits and perscriptions/connections have turned every substance that could be useful for reducing pain into expensive powers on the black market and beast system. Children are forced to spend hours learning about PCP, LSD, cannabis, alcohol and tobbaco so they can \"just say no\". This exploits the natural urge to rebel and experiment. Children learn there must be a reason people use drugs and find the prohibiton mysterious. The drug eduction program is designed to teach everyone the value of drugs so they assoicaite it with power, pleasure, wealth, excitement and adventure.

Cannabis and other natural drugs are the highest priority for the beast's federation. They don't want people to be able to grow or create anything.

Copywrite laws were created to encourage lying, stealing and greed. The real scientiests and artists focus on art and science while satanists like Thomas Eddison patent thier ideas. Real innovators don't want to waste time on copywrite laws. Of course manditory pubic schools promote these theives as heros. Copywrite laws are also very useful for regulating science, art and music to give zionsts, lawyers, liers, conmen and employers maxium advantage.

My research indicates the antiChrist will benifit from and support gun control, NSA survlience of civilians, torture and regulations which increase suffering, cause famine and epidmics. He will oppose labeling GMO products and want to punish people who label their products \"GMO free\". The neocons have already sued companies for labeling ther products \"GMO free\" with great success. 100% of HFCS comes from Monsanto\'s bt corn. They are suing the sugar industry for the right to label GMO corn syrp as \"sugar\". Consumers prefer sugar over corn syrup because they know sugar cane is less likely to be GMO.
The zionist\'s role in the beast\'s federation includes his mark. Corporations condition people to accept it by including the number six everywhere posible. Using 6 servings per container is easy. It takes careful calculation to ensure each brownie, TV dinner and slice of breat contains 6% of your \"daily value\".

Monster Energy Drink\'s gets millions of young people condemed to burn in hell by hiding the mark of the beast in it\'s logo (Hebrew). They promote it in games via limits on characters and inventory. Bar codes, pricing, sizes and false flag terrorism are also utilized. Examples \'6 people were arrested for terrorism\', \'6 people were killed within 36 seconds\'.
Linux and UNIX use the mark of the beast as character limits. Chrome hides it\'s with optical illiusion. Revolvers tend to have a capacity of 6. Baked goods, eggs and even time iteself has been corupted to conditon people for the beast\'s mark.

pro-abor­tion-rights pro­test­ers did in­deed chant “Hail Satan” at a rally out­side the Texas Cap­it­ol, it was to com­bat an­ti­abor­tion pro­test­ers who were singing “Amaz­ing Grace.”
“The mes­sage con­veyed by the Hail Satan fac­tion was, I feel, both sa­li­ent and clear: Re­li­gious ra­tionales used to jus­ti­fy cer­tain views to some hold no cur­rency what­so­ever to scores of oth­ers,” Greaves told Na­tion­al Journ­al. “Chant­ing ‘Hail Satan’ was an ef­fect­ive way of say­ing, ‘You are go­ing to have to ar­gue your point on ra­tion­al grounds. We do not sub­scribe to your re­li­gion.’ “
Democrats clame to defend personal freedom and humanity. They support gun control and hate Christianity. The republican party changed it\'s logo to hail satan under the leadership of George Bush. He worked with Dick Cheney on 911. They started the \"war on drugs\" and support the use of torture. Both parties promote zionism, expanding government, censorship, NSA spying and drug testing. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are the only republicans who support the constition. Both democratic nominees support gun control. HIllary is worse than Sanders.

Hillary, Trump, zionism, Hollywood, lobbying, torture, gun control and John McCain are enemis of Christ.

I plan on voting for Ted Cruz. I will ask him to nominiate Rand Paul as his VP if you do the same. Hillary plans to create hell on earth and Trump gave her millions. Trump\'s a birther who does\'t understand or value the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Souring, further reading and related videos:

Keywords: end of times, terrorism, gitmo, six, mark of the beast, Revelation 13:18

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