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DBZ Dokkan Battle Guide

Type: Literature (pdf)

Submitter: [anonymous]


exhibition Date: 2015-12-19 14:38:31 MST

Last Update: 2015-12-19 15:40:24 MST

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Submitter's Comment
A brand-new chapter in the Dragon Ball Z saga has arrived!

[Recommended OS Versions]
Android 4.1 or later

Table of Content

Beginners Guide Table of Contents
What you shouldn’t do
Pull events
Levelling and Awakening Characters
Team Cost
Rank Level
Link Skills
Leader Ability
Super Attack & Dokkan mode
Passive Skill
Basic Battle Tips
Friend points
Dragon Stones

Obtaining & Leveling Character
Where do I get more characters?
Leveling Characters

Building Teams
Normal Story Mode
Tough Boss Fights

General FAQ

World Tournament Guide

Keywords: Dragon Ball Z FAQ Guide Android

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