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Power of Love to Defeat Evil & Spread Freedom

Type: Literature (txt)

Submitter: [anonymous]


exhibition Date: 2014-05-24 20:50:28 MST

Last Update: 2014-08-15 03:22:11 MST

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How to Fight Evil and Protect Human Liberty.

Love is most powerful tool to use against evil. If Cosmic Consciousness is the evolution of humans, then loving humanity is how you best defend human rights and defeat those who want to harm innocent people and make them forget that. It is with love for humanity, people can remove those who harm humanity. If you love humanity you might be willing to hurt someone, because not stopping them means witnessing them take away the freedom of more people. It is with love people can do what is best for stopping those who would get their satisfaction from taking away the rights of others to be free from oppression.

When someone acts because they hate humanity, they act in a destructive manner towards the people their actions effect. It is with love we can convince those who are lashing out against humanity to instead do what is best for humanity. Love is even more powerful than hate, since when we love something we can act in the best interest of what you love, even if it means being disliked presently by those who don’t understand. Freedom from oppression is an important human right. People need to be free to do what is best for humanity. If someone in acting in a way which oppresses the rights of people, people need to be free to ignore any authority that person thinks he has and do what is right for the people he is oppressing.

People must have Freedom to defend themselves and others being victimized from by those who are acting in a way to limit human rights. When people’s consciousness evolves to the point of knowing what kind of evil humans are capable of and understanding how it works well enough to use what they know for gain, they need to decide if they will hold themselves to a better standard or not. When someone decides to use knowledge for gain in a way which harms innocent people; that is when they forfeit their right to do as with without harassment. That is when people who love humanity need to force their will upon them and stop them even if at a cost.


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Keywords: mindsphere, earth thinking layer, galactic conciousness, enlightenment, wormholes, matrix, remember

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