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Florida Resident Faces False Drug Charges

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exhibition Date: 2017-02-16 15:22:36 MST

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Florida Resident Facing False Drug Charges & Possible Loss of Right to Bear Arms After Getting Mistakenly Arrested When Assault Victim.

Keywords: police corruption 2nd ammendment right to bear arms false drug charges war on drugs bad cops

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Nicholai - 2018-08-26 04:33:37 MST
Tarpon Springs Police Supervisor Crawford admitted to being present while Tarpon Springs Police Officers Micheal Trinidad Larry Bird tourted me, planted drugs and filed false charges. He waited until last month to reveal this. This means he waited over two years to admit he was present at a crime scene. He promised to mail me a Citizen's Complaint form via "certified mail" over a month ago. That mail never arrived and he has refused to speak with me since. Micheal Trinidad attempted to charge me with harassment for asking him why he arrested the victim of an armed robbery. TSPO Larry Bird laughed, sexually harasses me and threatens to body slam me again last time I spoke with him. All three of these criminals are active on the Tarpon Springs Police Force.

Michael Trinidad is a resource officer at a school where he can abuse children. Crawford is still a supervisor who brags that Micheal Trinidad and Larry Bird are active duty. Crawford stated he doesn't need to read any reports or interviews relating to this case because the reports are "complete", he was "present" and has no reason to doubt his officers.

Crawford avoids lying to me directly, by refusing to discuss what he witnessed. Tarpon Springs Police Officers Larry Bird and Michael Trinidad lied under oath multiple times.
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