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Anonymous Q? Big Upcoming Reveal from Anonymous

Type: Video (mp4)

Submitter: [anonymous]

Category: Film / Animation - Informational

Exhibition Date: 2018-03-13 08:07:05 MST

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Anonymous Q? Big Upcoming Reveal from Anonymous

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Submitter's Comment
"If tortured enough before death, the brain releases chemicals before you die to protect your flesh from any feelings. This chemical is obtained by drinking the blood right before they die" Also anonymous speaks of trafficking and sacrificing children.

The Clinton & Bush Families are both complicit.

We already know the brain releases DMT in some form or phycoacctive chemical when somebody has a near death experience or dying. Maximizing how much is produced through torturing them and keeping them alive long enough to produce enough for individuals to feel ti effect from drinking their blood isn't far fetched scientifically. Its just using living creatures other than plants to harvest pychoactives from would seem unthinkable to most of us. (Yet the Elites have been criminalizing and imprisoning non-violent drug offenders throughout their careers. More victims for them to use as they please with no freedom)

If blood infusions of the young improve the condition and lifespan of the old if used in high enough amounts, imagine why the most powerful would want to keep this to themselves and how many they've sacrificed and why the industry for dead baby fetishes are so controversial; yet persists regardless.

It will be interesting to see what upcoming revelations Anonymous Q brings us, it seems he does have unprecedented access to information.

Keywords: revelations good versus evil anonymous end times

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