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Kim Yo-jong

Type: Image (jpg)

Submitter: Nicholai

Category: People / Portraits

Exhibition Date: 2018-03-06 21:56:11 MST

Views: 85

Score: 5.00 / 5.00
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Submitter's Comment
The mysterious Kim Yo-jong became the Nexus Person of the Year by rising through the ranks of North Korea's inner circle and securing a peace deal. The most interesting aspect to her character is the lack of blood we can trace to her hands, despite the power she appears to yield. This is rare in North Korean politics, where the most brutal, ruthless and blood thirsty tyrants have always risen to the top.

North Korea is a secret state. This makes it impossible to verify her power level or humanity at this point. Free trade could open with North Korea within 2 years, if she is as powerful and intelligent as she appears. Her brother murdered their uncle and several other family members during a drunken purge. She is the only person in North Korea who shows no sign of fearing her sadistic brother.

Keywords: asia, modern korea, people of interest, mystery, imperial, princess, queen, game of thrones, VIP

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