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Theory of Conciousness

Type: Literature (txt)

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Exhibition Date: 2014-05-26 01:11:09 MST

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A common misconception in science is many think our consciousness doesn\\\'t effect the world around us. Since in any point of time if something is left untouched by humans, our thoughts aren\\\'t capable of having a direct effect on the world around us.

Whether people think their consciousness should be acting for a higher purpose or it doesn\\\'t matter how selfishly they act, it does impact not only how people change the landscape, but also how they choose to effect the rules of society and what kind of rules can be enforced. If people help people, it will make others more helpful. If people do things which cause victims, they make the world worse for others. Not only do people act because they want to act, but when others make them want to do something. Someone would take advantage of the power to make others act on their behalf to carry crimes against humanity on huge scales. Teaching kids only some aspects of scientific theory in school, but not being allowed to teach them about God can lead some people to think according to Science there is no God,

If people think they have no effect on the world around and their existence is irrelevant to the cosmic universe, then they will do things with a negative effect not realizing everything they effects the world in many ways, since all life is tied together as part of the greater whole. With consciousness all our societal norms and expectations of each other is how our collective cosmic conscious is able to send signals between individuals working for advancement of the greater whole. Just like how a single white blood cell and red cell might seem like to be different lifeforms when observing them individually from a new perspective formed around just one cell. As a species if we are hurting each other, those hurting others would be like a genetic disease where somebodies own cells begin to attack each other, requiring immune suppressants and causing displeasure to all connected to the rogue life form.

If you\\\\\\\'re doing the right thing or bad thing, it always has a impact on the greater universe. More often than physically making everything we want ourselves with the tools we have, many enjoy it when people do things for them. This is the trap of money for many good people, who think working so they can buy things is how to be successful. Its enjoying life and doing good things for others which makes you successful. If you are harming others for money or taking advantage of people, when the big picture is clear all your crimes against humanity will be clear and humanity will judge you.

Other species won\\\'t want to make contact with humans if they see people continuing to rape each other and act like savages. Other species of higher levels of consciousness won\\\'t want to make contact with or be in the same space as those as those who don\\\'t respect the others. If in higher dimensional planes everyone can change their environment with just thought, they would only want beings to join them who have learned to make the effect they are having as positive as possible if they have one at all.


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Keywords: cosmic consciousness, awakening, jesus, cure humanity

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