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Quantum Perspective Space, Time & Perpetual Change

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Quantum Perspective

Space, Time, and Perpetual Change

\"Of the things that are, NOTHING is allowed to stand still.\"

The Ancient Egyptian Philosopher Hermes Trismegistus

Accessed: 12/23/04

The equivalence of Mass and Energy

Coliding galaxies create new clusters of stars.... a constant creation and destruction of suns, worlds, and galaxies.... The activity of The Principle of RHYTHM (V.) at work in the cyclic process of constant Manifestation and Creation of The Universe. --The CREATOR at work

Albert Einstein

\"Matter and Energy is Exchangeable, not distinct.\" -- Albert Einstein

\"Time belongs to the relative mind, and has no place in the Eternal or Absolute. Next, the Intellect informs us that it must think of the Absolute as Infinite in Space --present everywhere --Omnipresent. It cannot be limited, for there is nothing outside of itself to limit it. There is no such place as Nowhere. Every place is in the Everywhere. And Everywhere is filled with the ALL --the Infinite Reality --the Absolute.\" --Yogi Ramacharaka

It is becoming increasingly evident that the realm we live in is more of a giant hologram than what we believe. Every particle that exists in the Universe, contains the image of the whole which is characteristic of a hologram. If this is a Truth, then all of manifested life and being emanates from a single source of causation that would include all particles existing in the Universe. It means that everything from sub atomic particles to giant galaxies and everything in between contains information of the whole.

A hologram is created when a laser beam is split into two separate beams by a beam splitter. One beam, called the object beam, is bounced off the object. The object could be anything. The second beam called the interference beam is allowed to collide with the reflected light of the object beam and creates an interference pattern that can be recorded on film. The interference pattern recorded on film looks a lot like a series of meaningless concentric circles. If another laser light, or bright light was shined through the film, an eerie three dimensional copy of the original object would appear.

If we were to cut off a small piece of the film that contained the original image of the film, and shined a bright light through it, we would again see the whole image of the original object in three dimensions. Each piece of film contains the image of the whole, but as the pieces of film are cut into smaller pieces, the three dimensional image becomes fuzzier. This is a phenomenon that is typical of our multi dimensional universe.

What is this strange phenomenon telling us? Are all of us humans, like the small cut off pieces of film that contain the image of the whole? If this is true, then we possess the image of the Creator and all of us are part of the whole and at-one with it. It would mean that all the information about the Universe is contained within all of us. Is this why we can explore and uncover things about the Universe because that information is already within all of us? Is this perhaps the reason why man can mentally extract knowledge regarding the Universe without leaving the seat of observation on earth? Is education perhaps a discovery about what is already known to the subconscious Mind?

Science is divided about the holographic model of Quantum Physics, but more scientists are turning to the holographic model to explain the phenomenon of matter and consciousness. The holographic model is universal and flexible in the explanation of particles, consciousness, and phenomena. It can even explain disorders such as multiple personality disorders. It is an excellent platform to study unexplained phenomena that will ultimately reveal the interconnectedness that exists in the Universe

The problem of proofing anything is in the ways and means of inventing a way of doing an experiment to confirm an unexplained phenomenon for example. The experiment could be hindered by a myriad of rigid and inflexible belief systems that could hamper the progress of scientific discovery. The means to devise an experiment cannot be done by science unless it is within their awareness first. If a scientist is not even aware of a given phenomenon for example, he or she does not believe that it exists, they are not going to waste their time to even think about it, much less finding a way to do an experiment.

I believe that in the near future it will be discovered that true science and true metaphysics are not at all divided. The division that exists is only an illusion of rigid belief systems. Philosophy is the \"Implicate\" or \"Inner Knowledge\" of reality, while science is the \"Explicate\" or \"External\" knowledge. When these two are allowed to combine, a picture of the whole Truth will emerge. A vision of reality on a grander scale.

Science and true religion have a seemingly paradoxical view regarding the reality we live in. If each would only pause for a moment, it will be found that each maintains a half Truth about the surrounding reality. The scientist has profound knowledge based on observation and the gathering of information empirically, while the religious individual views reality only between the covers of his or her religious literature. Neither are necessarily spiritually developed in this aspect. Science lacks the knowledge regarding the Arcane Wisdom of the ancient philosophers as does the \"religious\" individual. Each may be rigidly attached to their beliefs and not allowing the open mindedness that is required to open channels for the flow of new knowledge.

When the scientific \"half Truth\" is allowed to combine with the other \"half Truth\" of true religion, it will be found that each are a unique aspect of the same reality. The Spiritually developed Mind sees that science is doing a good job in observing and describing the manifested reality of SPIRIT but not recognizing it as such, at least, not from an official standpoint, particularly in Quantum Physics and Astronomy.

One such example, is that of a statement made by an astronomer during a talk radio show who indicated that when astronomers look into a certain direction in the Universe, that they see a curtain of light (not the Milky Way) that is of extreme unknown density. It is impossible to see through this extremely dense curtain of light to the other side. This curtain of dense light causes a glow in the Universe. The astronomer did not mention the size, distance or intensity of this curtain of light....

It is interesting to note, that the ancient Egyptian philosopher, Hermes Trismegistus, mentioned that GOD is LIFE and LIGHT, is everywhere present and impossible to escape its presence. The phrase, \"hermetically sealed\" was derived from this ancient philosophy and can be found in our dictionaries.

Now, if GOD is LIFE and LIGHT, how is science going to verify and explain this observed phenomenon in scientific terms? First, I believe, that science is having to come to grips with the realization that it is not dealing with a bearded old man, but an INFINITE LIVING DIVINE INTELLIGENCE of LIGHT and LIFE that has no form and is the CAUSE of human existence and the UNIVERSE. The bearded old man concept is an invention of traditional religion and an \"inherited tendency\" of the dark ages that has been incorporated by most modern religions today. The Arcane Truth is, that this DIVINE INTELLIGENCE has no form or shape, nor can any human qualities can be ascribed to this SPIRIT. It is mentioned in the Christian bible as being \"the void of the deep.\" Nothing can be added or subtracted from itself because it has no boundaries, borders, or edges in space to add to or subtract from itself. It is OMNIPRESENT. It has NOTHING to learn because IT knows EVERYTHING. While the human Mind is constantly expanding and learning from the KNOWLEDGE of this OMNIPRESENT INFINITE MIND. It maybe difficult to perceive for the average mind that something this enormous could exist.

Man made technology is no exception as it utilizes the LAW, Principles and Characteristics of this DIVINE INTELLIGENCE in the use of energy such as \"electricity,\" and other observed phenomena in the Universe such as light, heat, gravitation, atomic and subatomic particles and their constant attraction and repulsion, the constant emergence of atomic particles and then disappearing back into a \"void.\"


May 31, 2004

Underneath and back of our material world is a field of \"dark energy\" that is even more mysterious to science than the dark matter that has been studied and proposed by physicists in their ongoing research of the Universe and our earth. Physicists have discovered that this dark energy moves space itself in a curve and that all matter adheres to this dark energy following its curvature. In the daily bustle of life, few people if any will stop and think for a moment or even pay attention to this mysterious dark energy which appears to be everywhere present and that our material world cannot exist without it. Physicists already know that atomic particles appear from a field of vibratory energy or that physicists refer to as \"quantum energy\" from which our familiar daily particle world emerges in which we unconsciously live, move and have our being.

University of Vienna physicists have developed a technique to heat giant carbon molecules to more than 5000 degrees Fahrenheit in an airless chamber. When heated above that temperature, the molecules displayed a well defined molecular structure. However, when the large carbon molecules cooled, they dissolved back into their waveform state of quantum energy and no longer display the properties of a clearly defined physical molecule. They no longer occupy a specific locale in space but appear to be everywhere present at the same time because of their waveform state. The transition from their waveform state to becoming a physical object by using heat is called \"decoherence\" and has never before been demonstrated by utilizing heat. When the carbon molecule was heated, it radiated heat that interacted with the surrounding walls of the room.

Worldwide research is being conducted to control decoherence which could lead to the building of quantum computers with ultra fast processing of information and unbreakable encryption. The purpose of this experiment is to develop quantum computers by learning to control the process of \"decoherence.\"

Those of us who have, for ourselves, taken the time and effort to learn and develop ourselves to a higher degree of Spiritual advancement can readily perceive with our Minds what is really occurring in the above mentioned experiment by the University of Vienna. Although, the focus of quantum physics is based in commercial applications, those of us who are able to recognize and perceive can clearly see the principle back of and behind the reality of the experiment in that there exists a reality that is not readily perceived by the collective mindset of the race consciousness and may not even be obvious to the scientists who accomplished the experiment. No doubt, are there physicists who may be aware of the reality of SPIRIT but who are unable to officially promulgate in this manner because of possible ridicule by their colleagues who may not be able to perceive the backdrop of physical reality in such a manner as to recognize the reality of SPIRIT. Their analytical commercial perspective may prevent them from \"seeing\" beyond the veil of limited physical reality. Commercial application of quantum computers may give humanity a degree of advancement as far as making daily living easier but does nothing to develop, advance, and evolve the human consciousness out of its Pandora\'s box of problems. Any organized religion when refusing to change in the face of TRUTH and who are amused with their hidden agenda and secrets, traditional religious rituals, ceremonies, superstitions, and who are tenaciously clutching to their petty traditions and are refusing to change and accept the upward evolutionary process of SPIRIT are of no help in the advancement of Human Consciousness and will become in the lapse time, --extinct. Only that which contributes to the Spiritual development and advancement of the human race in the recognition of \"THE ALL\" will last, endure, and persevere....

\"The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.\"

J. R. Seydel

This DIVINE INTELLIGENCE is unconditional in the manifestation of LIFE and all phenomena. It is no respecter of persons, religions, governments, countries, belief systems, ethnic background, and skin color. It\'s Nature is pure, unconditional LOVE that makes all of LIFE and living possible. We as humans, have only a relative understanding of the meaning of Love, and more often than not, with attached conditions and expectations.

We all live, move, and have our being within this INFINITE DIVINE INTELLIGENCE we call GOD. And, yes, it is aware of everything including our thoughts, feelings, prayer, our loves and hates, and all the things we do. It unconditionally allows all things and events in Life in order for the human race to learn the RESPONSIBILITY in the proper conduct of LIFE. It KNOWS that in the end, nothing is ever lost, while the average person maintains the fear and worry as to where the next meal may come from, or whether he or she will survive the storm, the tempest, or the ravages of violence and war.

Many religious individuals only view SPIRIT between the covers of their Bible, or Koran, or other religious literature, being completely oblivious to the surrounding manifested reality of SPIRIT and unable to make the connection between the SPIRIT they \"believe\" in and the surrounding manifested reality in which they live, move, and have their being.

When an individual learns with \"open mind,\" and takes the best of both worlds and allows their Minds to gather information to process both; a highly developed Spiritual individual would emerge whose Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom will carry him or her beyond that of science and religion.

This type of individual is universal in consciousness, taking no sides, belonging to no institution or organization that impede and restrict Spiritual development, advancement and, or, that promotes hate and violence. The Spiritual developed Consciousness operates far above that of the undisciplined and wandering mind which dwells on the animal plane of thought and holds most people captive in ignorance. The Spiritually developed individuals are strong willed, determined, will persevere under all adverse conditions and rise above every occasion through the mastery of the mental art they learned to acquire. They will always maintain a humble disposition in order to remain open minded and to be teachable, and to continue their upward Spiritual advancement in the mastery of their own Life and to be of service to others.

Eventually, they will extend their individual mastery beyond their physical bodies and include the mastery of the surrounding environment, transforming all negativity into positive events that will promote and enhance their Life and living conditions. They view the surrounding environment as an extension of the \"I,\" the \"I am,\" the \"Higher Self,\" the \"SOUL of the Soul,\" etc., utilizing the higher law against the lower laws of physics and thus defying scientific treatment. These are the principles of individual Cosmic Consciousness.

The Spiritually developed individual has no vices and knows no limitations in the upward and onward advancement of LIFE and KNOWLEDGE. The Ancient Philosophy, from which all religions in the world have borrowed, is the Spiritual Knowledge of the untainted and unhindered Truth that is free from the stigma of \"inherited tendencies.\" It is a stigma that has caused the majority of people to shun religion, a stigma of many rigid, inflexible, and superficial concepts of ceremonial religious rhetoric that hold little if any substance in the realm of SPIRIT. Nevertheless, each them have their footing firmly set upon the path of the ever onward and upward spiral of Spiritual advancement, slow as it maybe, but unable to stand still in the Divineward evolutionary process of LIFE. No person can escape this evolutionary process of the Divineward advancement and journey of all Life, no matter what the personal belief may be.

In the Universe, nothing is allowed to stand still, all things are in a constant state of change, motion, and vibration. A constant state of change and renewal of suns, worlds, and galaxies. Each, being created and destroyed in the process of LIFE. The destruction of a sun, a world, or a galaxy is not the end of creation, but the beginning of change and the renewal of a new suns, worlds, and galaxies in the Eternal process of Creation. The human body is subjected to the same constant change and renewal of the creation and destruction of cells which are continuously expelling, renewing, and replacing the old dead cells. For this reason is proper nutrition mandatory for the provision of raw materials that the body utilizes in the creation and production of new cells. Imagine for a moment, the cells being created by the provision of \"garbage\" foods as raw materials for the body. Is it a wonder why so many people of all ages are disease stricken, for which medical science has no lasting cure or permanent solution?

The creative process of INFINITE LIVING DIVINE INTELLIGENCE is such, that all of Life and phenomena is subject to its wills and efforts and is the great LAW by which all particles in the Universe are obedient, including the behavior of energy fields such as light, heat, gravity, and electricity, giving the Universe a precise and specific LAW and ORDER. Without this LAW and ORDER, the mathematical definition of particles in the Universe and their relative position in space and time would not be possible. The concept of chaos is but a name for Law not recognized or understood. Moreover, there is a non material phenomena such as Consciousness that cannot be scientifically explained because of the absence of mass and locality and can therefore not be mathematically explained. This phenomenon can only be understood, through the discipline and development of the Mind and allowing the Mind to gather the subtle knowledge that cannot be gathered through mathematical equations. The human Cosmic Consciousness transcends the phenomenon of space, time, and change. It is capable of manipulating space, time, and change, when its power is recognized within the human Mind. Scientific experiments have been accomplished in this area, but the scientific explanations remain inconclusive, however intriguing, in the mental manipulation of falling objects. Cosmic Consciousness is capable of manipulating time, space, and change, because its existence is in the non-physical realm or SPIRIT.


The human Consciousness exists as a constant moving and vibrating whirlpool, or eddy, in the Infinite sea of LIVING SPIRIT. This whirlpool of \"Cosmic\" Consciousness consists of a vortex, similar to the long vortex of a funnel cloud or tornado. Its downward borne vibratory energy travels downward to the lower planes of being, powerfully and rapidly swirling and creating a tunnel of Life and Light that enables the manifestation of the human body on the Physical Plane. It first manifests the Crown Chakra or a gateway of the LIFE FORCE, that is present on top of our heads at all times. The rapidly swirling energy travels through the Crown Chakra and continues the downward manifestation of vibratory energy creating additional lower Chakras to aide the body in the assimilation and distribution of food for energy, enabling emotions, reproduction, interaction, and evolution of the human Mind on the physical plane. This Intelligent energy assimilates, gathers, collects, manipulates and coagulates sub-atomic and atomic particles that becomes its bodily cover and associated internal and external organs. This individual is a Spirit or SOUL, having a human experience with a human body to act as an interface between the surrounding environment and the SOUL with its seven senses, enabling the awareness and interaction with the Great Physical Plane. The unique individual SOUL utilizes the body to observe and assemble information, and to interpret, process, and manipulate its surrounding environment as it deems fit for its comfort and enjoyment of Life.

When the individual Soul becomes \"wrapped\" with its \"material\" surrounding and \"forgets\" the Primordial Causation of its Life, it experiences the negative mental operation of Universal Cosmic Law, and entropy begins the aging process on the Physical Plane, ultimately resulting in the dissolution of the body. This negative aspect was created with the \"belief\" what reality should be (not what is) and becoming lost and separated from the TRUTH. Multiply this times each human living on the Earth Plane who have helped to create this \"belief,\" through the ages, and we have an established collective mindset that is manifesting the environment of its preconceived reality.

When this Consciousness becomes separated from the body, as in \"death,\" this disembodied state causes a rapid change in the perception and experience of reality as the individual\'s Mind races rapidly through this tunnel of light toward the brightly lit side of the whirlpool in the sea of SPIRIT. This bright light, when entered, brings warmth and comfort to the departed Soul who now has entered the realm of pure SPIRIT, or LIGHT of the INFINITE CREATOR which has no shape, size, or form and is non-local. The departed Soul will find itself engulfed and cradled in this Infinite SPIRIT of LIGHT like a babe in the arms of its mother and is comforted, protected and well cared for.

Soon after disembodiment, the tunnel, or funnel of light, becomes withdrawn and retracts itself from the Physical Plane because it can no longer sustain Life in a deteriorated body, or a body that is severely damaged by accident or violence. The departed individual can only exist as a pure state of Cosmic Consciousness within the Great Universal SPIRIT of LIFE and LIGHT and eventually falls into a deep slumber or Soul sleep that will be explained further down this page.

How shall we define and explain death, as being the final frontier of human existence in light of this great Arcane Truth? Where will a Devil, hellfire and brimstone, as postulated by organized religion, find its refuge in the inescapable \"Omnipresent\" INFINITE SPIRIT of GOD?

People who experienced a near-death-experience, or NDE have seen the tunnel of light as reported by many. They have seen the connection that exists between their Mind as a human, and the whirlpool of their Cosmic Consciousness, at the other end of the tunnel, which finds itself established in the sea of pure SPIRIT consisting of LIFE and LIGHT. The difference is, that the funnel of their Cosmic Consciousness which appears as a tunnel to them, never became disconnected from their body. Therefore was the Life-force of their body maintained and they have an etheric experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and in many cases these people will become extremely religious and dedicated because of that experience. They experienced a momentary glimpse of pure SPIRIT and their connection to that SPIRIT. This experience can cause a profound change in a person\'s Life, in that of a \"belief\" of Spirit into an actual experience and \"knowledge\" of SPIRIT, a reality that is not seen in the daily trifle of human living and is dismissed as a hallucination of the human brain by some branches of science.

Moreover, people who have had an NDE will not tell the same story except for the tunnel of light that they have observed in their experience. The reason is, while traveling through the tunnel, they can see all the collective experiences they have had in the course of their lives which differs from other persons. Each person may have a similar observation, but a different experience because of the difference in their personality, religious beliefs, and personal views. A person who has been completely disembodied, will experience his beliefs and his personal views of physical Life.

A person who feels that they must suffer the hellfire and brimstone for their wrongs in Life in order to be vindicated, will actually suffer and experience that event of his belief. When this person feels that he or she is done with \"paying back\" for his wrongs, he will then go into the Soul sleep. All the suffering of hellfire and brimstone experienced by this individual, has no bearing on his well being, all of it occurring in the imagination of his or her Mind. This experience is allowed to prevent the Soul from going into a Soul shock which can prolong the evolutionary process of that Soul when exposed to the true reality of being. These events occur under Divine Guidance and in Truth, no harm is ever done other then in the imagination of the departed Soul. The same rule applies to the religious person who believes that he must pass through the pearly gates to enter heaven. All are nothing more than the experience of personal and religious beliefs of the eternal individual Mind before the Soul sleep. The experience of individual beliefs will eventually become discarded, because it has no substance in the reality of LIFE. All falsehoods are replaced with true Knowledge and Wisdom that will lift a person in the upward spiral of the higher planes of Being. Each time the departed person returns to the Earth Plane, he or she will find a world that has advanced in the Knowledge of the Universe and technology. Man\'s quest for Knowledge and the thirst to know the Truth will never be quenched as long as there is a Universe.

The ancient Hermeticists explain that GOD is LIFE and LIGHT. It is interesting to note that as mentioned before, that astronomers have observed a dense curtain of light when viewing a certain direction of the Universe that causes a glow throughout space and is not easily explained in modern day scientific terms.

As to where the whirlpool of Cosmic Consciousness takes place, is neither here, nor there, because there is no specific locality in space and time, no specific direction or place to point science to in order to study this phenomenon and adding it to their knowledge base. How will science present this phenomenon as \"scientific evidence\" when it may not even be within their conscious awareness as being a reality? Such a person can only dismiss it as \"hogwash\" and sweep it under the carpet to satisfy their own \"belief,\" and to keep it simple. However, the open minded scientist will discover, when researching this subject, that there is a something about human nature that is enduring, everlasting, and is not affected by the principles and operations of entropy and death. If science will only take the time to look in this direction, they will discover mind boggling principles at work. Scientific verification is a nicety for people who can only look to science for their own understanding and who have no desire or ambition of their own to venture into the unknown\" aspects of reality. In this respect can a person only progress to the point that science is able to advance.

This phenomenon belongs to the realm of \"mentalism\" or MIND, a very much obscure subject to human understanding because it is non-material in essence. This phenomenon can only be perceived with the non material faculties of the Mind (psychically) and its principles can only be explained as the unbiased Mind is allowed to gather information from its own Cosmic Consciousness about the Unknown.

Cosmic Consciousness is an \"illumined\" state of Mind, a mental awareness, above and beyond the mental bandwidth of mere \"self-awareness\" and \"ego-awareness\" as it is known to psychology.

This state can only be accomplished when the Mind becomes disciplined and subjected to the Conscious \"I,\" or Higher Self, The SOUL of the Soul, etc. When the Mind becomes subjected to the \"I\" and is tamed, and not allowed to wander, the Conscious \"I\" gives it a clear and distinctive purpose and direction in Life and accumulates Spiritual Knowledge about the Unknown from a non-local field of Intelligence. It is as though this knowledge is derived out of the thin air, so to speak. This mental art is known to the ancient Hermeticists. This is the capacity and capability of the human Cosmic Consciousness as yet, uncovered, and unrecognized. To a small degree has it been utilized in the inventions of high technology and the advancement of air and space travel. There is still much more in store.

There is a correlation between the age old Hermetic Philosophy and the accomplishments of modern day science that is ever pointing in the direction of the ancient old philosophies of a long forgotten and distant past. It is not a \"New Age\" concept, but a re-awakening to the ancient Arcane Truth that is as antique as the Universe itself.

In the last few millenniums, our civilization managed to bury these \"Truths\" underneath preconceived notions and premature cognitive commitments that have now become the \"inherited tendencies\" of our modern day civilization. Our modern day civilization is in a severe hypnotic state of mind that is slowly being removed as the Universe is now revealing its secrets. For many it will be a very rude and unpleasant awakening, especially those who are rigidly attached to their religious belief systems of preconceived notions. The powerful placebo of mortal limitation created by the collective mindset through the ages is silently dissolving.

One aspect of reality that very few people have given attention is the progress that Quantum Physics has made with regard to the atom and its subatomic constituent. As most of us know, everything in our \"material\" realm is composed of atoms, the things we can see, smell, hear, taste, and touch, including our own bodies. What many of us are not aware of, is that atoms do not always behave as particles but as wave forms of energy as well. Wave forms are the things that cannot be seen by our eyes. Wave forms are \"Mental\" in nature and is the essence of atoms that compose undifferentiated matter which is also energy or SPIRIT in nature. This mental aspect of the waveform, is that atoms have shown properties of being \"intelligent\" as each atom knows its position in the order of manifestation and is \"aware\" of the relative position of other particles.

Quantum Physicists such as Bohm and Pribram have discovered that the only time atoms behave as particles, are when we are looking at them. When we look away, or when we are asleep, everything around us are wave forms of energy and light. The wave form of the atom cannot be measured by any conventional means of measurement as we know it. The strange phenomenon of the waveform /particle behavior of the atom indicates that the material realm we live in is not as material as we think it is. The wave form of the atom has also shown properties of being in two places at the same time. It does not follow the known laws of physics. Is this the realm of Spirit, or \"Energy\" as science would refer to it?

I believe that the answer to death (so called) is in the Quantum realm. I believe that as a human \"dies\" and loses his or her outer form, they go from the particle form to the wave form only state of being. This is a localized version of the wave form of consciousness that also partakes of the non-local field of intelligence, or GOD. I do not believe that it will go through the pearly gates as postulated by organized religion. I think that this is a very great materialistic view and fallacy borne out of superstition and idolatry worship.

The human brain has the function of deciphering the quantum soup and to create a sensible realm that we are accustomed to seeing in our daily lives. It can be compared to a radio or television device that deciphers the radio waves that have been transmitted from the radio station, interpreting and producing an intelligible sound or picture that we can hear, see and understand.

The brain performs a similar function in the deciphering process. The nervous system of the body can be thought of as the semi-conductors and transistors that deciphers the unintelligible quantum soup into a sensible picture of reality as we understand it and to make it possible for us to interact with the manifested, \"material\" realm. The brain can be thought of as the central processing unit of the body that integrates all the functions of the body and we have a Soul or Spirit that is having a human experience on planet Earth, and others as \"aliens\" on a distant planet somewhere in the Universe, perhaps, in a different dimension or channel of Life.

The Soul or Spirit is not subject to the process of entropy because it always maintains itself in the region of the Great Spiritual Plane where space, time, and change is non-existent.

When the body is allowed to become decrepit through entropy, the nervous system begins to fail and the brain being the central processing unit becomes increasingly dysfunctional. The person who occupies such a body has increasing difficulties to interact with the physical plane as his physical senses such as eye sight, smell, and feelings become diminished. However, their psychic senses become extremely acute during this time and they may experience clairvoyance, and clearaudience and become aware of sights and sounds not within their immediate area. It is during this time that so called out of the body experiences and near death experiences occur while the psychic senses become extremely acute in the awareness of the Astral planes. Disease, or dis-ease is a sign of this diminishing state of being that slowly disconnects the indestructible Spirit of that individual from the body, and thus from The Great Physical Plane. The Soul, has in effect lost its body which acts as an interface between the physical realm, and the Astral Planes. The meaning of Astral being a \"heavenly,\" \"etheric,\" or \"aqueous\" state or realm having no physical properties.

Death (so called) is a transition between two planes of existence. Plane not as a place, but as a state. It is neither here, nor there, but a state of reality where time and space is distorted and possibly diminished or completely eliminated.

When that individual becomes disconnected from the body or disembodied, he or she has in effect lost the means of interpreting the quantum soup of reality. This individual is faced with a new means of interacting with a strange new dimension, in the absence of a body, and an unfamiliar realm, at least as far as they can remember, that does not require lungs to breath, or a mouth for the consumption of food for energy and speech.

All the trivia that has been accumulated at the brain level has disintegrated along with the death of the brain. The only thing that remains is the essential person which is indestructible. The more materialistic the individual is, the greater the difficulty of transition. For a few it can be an extremely frustrating situation because they have never done anything about their spirituality. The change can be quite a shocking experience for some. The suffering that a person may experience in their disembodied state such as \"hellfire and brimstone,\" is only in the imagination of their religious belief system that became firmly established on the Mental Plane while in physical life, and becomes incorporated by their subconscious Mind. The truth is that the disembodied state of being is at not, at any time, in any danger because all their suffering is experienced in the imagination of their religious belief system before entering the \"Soul sleep\" stage. This experience will eventually become dissolved and discarded as it has no substance in reality and the Soul falls into a deep slumber or Soul sleep. The Soul will go into a peaceful and restful sleep of which there is nothing to cause any harm in this state of being. The sleeping Soul is lovingly and firmly cradled within the enormous and ABSOLUTE presence of the INFINITE MIND of its CREATOR and is well cared for.

The sleeping Soul becomes disturbed when it senses the grief of their loved ones and will make an attempt to return because of the bond of Love that exists between them. They are not far away from bodily incarnated humans because of the interconnection that exists between all things. When disturbed, they are unable to function properly in their partially awake state and when they appear as an unbodily apparition, they will instill great fear in their loved ones and friends because of their lack of awareness and ignorance regarding this Truth. This is a very hurtful and cruel experience to the partially awakened Soul. For this reason should they be left alone and allowed to sleep in order to regain strength and vitality after a long hard toil through physical Life and in preparation for their return to the Physical Plane. We need to put aside our own selfish reasons and not cling to them. None of us would like to be disturbed during our night\'s rest in physical life, it is the same for the departed Soul.

Mediums who call the \"dead\"( a misnomer) for entertainment and financial gain, would fall under the category of \"selfishness\" and \"greed\" for money and power. They are playing with dangerous fire in that their mental activity can attract criminal Souls who have not yet entered their Soul sleep. These miserable Souls will attempt to do anything to gain the attention of physical humans. They are capable of mimicking a loved one and will make every effort to cling to the quickly disappearing Physical Plane as long as they can. They are miserable because of their inability to continue their criminal habits as was done in physical life. This mental habit maybe extremely difficult for them to discard. Their unbodily dwelling on the Astral Plane will always remain close to the Earth Plane. For this reason are they more easily accessible than the more refined disembodied Soul who dwells on a much higher plane of consciousness and is out of the reach of Souls with criminal tendencies. The only thing that separates them from physical humans, is the subtle Elemental Plane that separates the average human from the base mind of criminals. Their presence would create a hideous and uncomfortable atmosphere when they are sensed by physical humans because of the vibratory energy of their base minds. Humans who have developed Spiritually dwell well above their animal plane of existence and are therefore out of their reach.

When mediums make an attempt to call the \"dead\" loved ones, which we know by now are not really dead, the criminal Soul will attempt to mimic the personality of a loved one by encasing themselves with a discarded Astral body of that Soul. This is often the case when an ignorant and inexperienced medium calls for the Soul of a departed human. It is only humane to let these Souls fall into their Soul sleep and to leave them alone. It is all an evolutionary process of the living Universe.

Before this writing continues, it needs to be explained what an Astral body is. The Astral body is the etheric body of a human that is responsible for the maintenance and vitality of the physical body. The astral body is larger than the physical body and extends further into the the surrounding environment. It helps the body to gather and absorb the Pranic substance, a substance of extreme tenuity that is far more subtle then Ethereal Substance. Pranic substance is present in all the foods we eat in varying degrees and in the pure fresh water we drink. Sunlight contains large amounts of Pranic substance. Without Pranic substance, Life would not be possible. Pranic substance is in essence SPIRIT in nature, it is the main cause and source in the manifestation and sustenance of LIFE in all living entities including atomic and subatomic entities. All consist of LIFE giving Pranic Substance which may be called, \"The SPIRIT of GOD.\"

When the Soul falls into its deep slumber or Soul sleep, the Astral body becomes discarded as there is no longer a body to maintain. This discarded lifeless and unoccupied Astral body goes into a state of dissolution and gravitates toward other abandoned and collected Astral bodies. If it were possible for us to view this area of SPIRIT, it would be a very unpleasant and disturbing sight.

The Soul that emulates a loved one by occupying a discarded astral body, does not necessarily have to be a criminal. It could be that a decent disembodied Soul may have trouble making the transition into the Soul sleep, and they long for company. They may experience a very deep sense of loneliness and mean no harm to any person. Their unbodily vibratory energy would be sensed as extreme sadness and anxiety. Eventually, they too will be overcome with sleepiness and they will fall into a deep Soul sleep. They too will be well cared for, loved, and cradled, in the SPIRIT of their CREATOR, as will the criminal Soul, because the CREATOR manifests unconditional LOVE and excludes no one.

When an apparition makes an appearance, it is most likely the Astral body of a Soul that has not yet gone into a Soul sleep. Sometimes this individual doesn\'t even know that they are bodiless, or \"dead\" as most people would refer to. Often they think that there is something wrong with them when they watch people run away from them because of fear. It would be ridiculous to call them \"dead.\" They are not dead. It is extremely difficult for a modern ignorant and superstitious civilization to conceive of an Eternal deathless Universe that is in a constant state of change.

Maybe someday, the human Mind will expand to the point where all superstitious and ignorant idol worshipping will be exchanged for the understanding of this great Truth of Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom that can only be discerned in SPIRIT.

The sleeping Soul should not be called a \"dead\" person because \"dead\" it is not. As has been mentioned many times on this website, that \"death\" or \"dead\" is a misnomer borne out of ignorance because of the lack of Conscious Awareness. The Soul sleep can last from a few days to more than a century and depends on the state of individual Spiritual advancement on the of Life.

The more Spiritually advanced the individual, the longer its Soul sleep because the individual has more obsolete and outdated beliefs and concepts to discard that holds no substance in reality. For example, human predators who have spend their lives preying on other people, have a very short stay on the Astral Planes and their absence from the physical plane is very short because of their ignorance, they have not much to discard. However, when they return, they will return with the same ignorant arrogance that they left with from a previous physical Life. They will continue their individual misery and bringing their misery to others in the new physical life until they allow the dawning of Knowledge into their minds, abandoning their criminal activity, reforming themselves, eventually availing themselves to the service of mankind. It is not necessary to go through \"the gates of death\"(so called) to accomplish this.

No human can be changed by another human. Change happens only if that individual is willing to change. Change can only happen when an individual is presented with something that is better then what he or she had before. In the criminal prone person, it means to replace one concept with a better concept, otherwise, the person is left with a mental void that will hatch more criminal mental activity in the individual. There is much more to a human than just a body.

Could it be that some departed persons experience great frustration during the transition from particle(body) to wave form as they lose possession of their body and the only medium of communication that they understand? A voice box, a tongue, lips, and lungs to create intelligible sounds and words? How will they communicate when that medium is lost? Perhaps, it is possible for them to communicate mentally (waveform). How many people that are physically present even belief that this is possible? \"Dead is dead!\" they say, but I for one, cannot be convinced that they are really dead.

I suspect that the wave form has an affinity for the particle and vice-versa, and that is sufficient to explain the phenomenon of \"reincarnation,\" a transition from wave form back to the incarnated state of the \"particle\" of which all bodies are composed. This cyclic process will repeat itself as many times as is necessary until a major paradigm shift is made in the individual consciousness and a \"Renewal of the Mind\" is accomplished that will cause a person to transform or \"transmute\" into physical immortality. In this state of consciousness, the wave form and the particle will always co-exist indefinitely and is less likely affected by the beginningless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth because of the new \"mental alchemy\" that has been created within the individual.

A visual aide has been provided regarding the cycles of Life, death and rebirth in JPEG format to help the reader understand manifestation and evolution, two aspects of the same reality.

The renewal of Mind causes a change that affects the encoding of the genes in the human genome, a decoding and encoding process from entropy and mortality, to Immortality. The human genome already possesses fragments of genetic material that denotes Immortality in a dormant state.

Immortality requires a Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of the Arcane Truths and is available to any individual who desires the knowledge and more importantly, to have the courage to ask for it.... because, there will be dramatic changes in the thinking process and the resulting effects within the body.

The first indication of this transforming process is the permanent relief of the common cold which is a minor degree of disease that every person has experienced. The elimination of disease is an indication of the first step of this transforming process in the body.

Disease is an indication of the process of entropy and the eventual mortal demise of the body. When a transformation of the thinking process is accomplished, the Life Force is allowed to freely flow through the body as the mind is freed from traditional rigid and limiting belief systems and preconceived notions regarding reality.

Microbial entities are no longer viewed as a thread to our bodies, but as an ally with which we live in harmony because of the understanding that their existence is a necessity to the cleaning process in Nature. A simple mental notation of this Truth needs to be realized to remove the fear that has been induced by societal expectations and the diseases that follow as a result.

The greater the fear, the more hideous the appearance of diseases are becoming. Fear, is similar to mental transmutation in reverse. Only we humans can stop this by stopping our fear, to quiet the mind, and learn to become the silent observer in Life\'s evolutionary processes.

Battling microbial entities with antibiotics is a mistake because of their ability to rapidly transform their genetic makeup in the production of enzymes that can digest the antibiotics. They can quickly share the newly transformed genetic information with each other that makes them resistant to any new medicine. Their genes are not protected by a protein shell as it is in humans, therefore they can instantly and quickly share genetic information with healthy microbes, simply by leaning against each other, even while some are dying because of antibiotics. Eventually their shared genetic information will travel around the globe after a short period of time.

There is nothing that can be taken through the mouth or any outward effort to accomplish Immortality because the Universe is \"Mental\" in Nature and changes have to be made within the Mind of each individual. It means a discarding of traditional belief systems that hold no substance in reality, a breaking away from the collective mindset and all societal expectations....

The world views the Universe as a strange phenomenon that the average person will give very little thought in the course of their lives. Very little is known about strange phenomena that may suddenly manifests in a person\'s life that cannot be explained away by known laws of physics and therefore defies scientific treatment. Consequently, mockery, ridicule, and prejudice is the only course of action because of this ignorance. However, unexplained phenomena will continue to manifest in people\'s lives and with unprecedented increasing intervals. A time is coming that will force science to look into these things with an unbiased open mind, and without prejudice, if it is to bring more enlightenment to humanity regarding the Universe.


In due time it will be discovered that the planets in our solar system have been borne of the Sun. Each time a new planet is expelled from the sun, the planets in our Solar system are \"bumped\" out of their current orbits and each will take a new orbit to make room for the \"child\" planet. There is seemingly momentary chaos during this process. This will be confirmed when it will be discovered that Mars at one time possessed a lush atmosphere such as we have on our Earth today, when it occupied the Earth’s solar orbit. This will be confirmed when many geometric structures will be discovered on Mars’s surface which will indicate that an intelligent race had occupied the planet at one time. The current scientific theories as to how our solar system was developed will be forced to change when this Truth is realized.

Currently there are two planets in the making near the sun’s surface which are still in their gaseous state and invisible to the human eye or any instrumentation of current technology. The Sun is the \"Son\" planet that has given birth to all the planets in our solar system. As the planets move away from the sun to make room for each new \"child\" planet, their mass will change into a liquid and gaseous state and they will eventually dissipate and return to the sun from where the planets were originally conceived. The time frame of these events is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. It is not measured in billions of years, but in countless eons of time.

If we assume that the big bang theory of the Universe is correct, it will eventually be discovered that this big bang is only one out of many countless of billions of cycles that will be repeated throughout eternity, beyond the comprehension of human imagination.


The following are quotations from the Divine Pymander of the ancient Egyptian philosopher, Hermes Trismegistus with regard to Polarity and Spiritual Gender and the manifestation of \"man\" and \"matter,\" Page 34.

13. For the Mind being God,, Male and Female, Life and Light, brought forth by his Word; another Mind, the Workman; which being God of the Fire, and the Spirit, fashioned and formed seven other Governors, which in their Circles (Chakras) contain the Sensible World, whose Government or Disposition is called Fate or Destiny.

14. Straightway leaped out, or exalted itself from the downward-born Elements of God, the Word of God into the clean and pure Workmanship of Nature, and was united to the Workman, Mind, for it was Consubstantial; and so the downward born Elements of Nature were left without Reason, that they might be the only Matter.

Bearing Witness of \"THE ALL.\"

J. R. Seydel

A Neophyte


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