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Nude Sniper Girl (Valkrie Warriors)

Type: Image (jpg)

Submitter: [anonymous]

Category: Adult / Hentai

Exhibition Date: 2018-06-07 19:59:57 MST

Views: 19

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Submitter's Comment
Just as there are parts to the harmonious behaviors of an individual, then are parts to the harmonious behavior of an organization. When we look at an organization as a Kingdom, with the King being its creator or individual chosen to lead it down the correct; we get a better sense for exactly what it might take to act royally. And at the same time act lovingly. Those who are great among you will serve others, rather than lord over them.

Limitless Nexus Charter

Kingdom of Sovereign Individuals, who recognize Natural Law as the Law of the Land. We strive for a world with balanced freedom for everyone, opposing all plots to take away people's natural rights

Only Orders in compliance with the Natural Law are valid and each member must become acquainted with the Non Aggression Principle, Golden Rule & Natural Law. They must understand how they're all building upon the same inherit concept and be committed toward the side of Liberty; and opposing Tyranny. With Natural Law, those of clear judgement will know it when they hear it & be able to break down any case based on it.

Those who understand natural law and grow in power level through active participation with the site; may either reach a higher level through a donation of mone or time helping improve can join; along with those who have money to spare in order to help cover hosting fees.
The Royale
Those who shown themselves in alignment with Natural Law & contributed toward the growth of Limitless Nexus. Members of The Royale may have custom titles granted to them depending on how they wish to help.
Founder and Web Master of Limitless Nexus; who will lead by serving. In providing this Free Alternative Networking Platform dedicated towards saving freedom.

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