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Shenron Xenoverse 2 Wish Guide

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Submitter: [anonymous]

Category: Games

Exhibition Date: 2018-05-27 13:23:43 MST

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Shenron Wish List
Wish Reward
I Want Money! Zeni (currency)
I Want a Rare Item! Goodie Radish accessory
I Want to Dress Up! Crystal Battle Suit Outfit
I Want to Get Stronger! Six Echo Soul devices (used to mix Super Souls)
I Want to Grow! Gain one full level
I Want a New Ultimate Attack! Unlock one new Ultimate Attack
I Want A New Super Attack! Unlock one new Super Attack
I Want More Usable Characters! Unlock Hit from DB Super, then the Black Dragons, Eis, Nuova and Omega Shenron.
I Want a Second Chance At Life! Reset all character stat points.
I Want to be Drop-Dead Gorgeous! Reset your character’s appearance.
I Want Medals! TP Medals
I Want to Dress Up More! Turtle Hermit Set (Roshi Attire)
I Want Another Super Attack! Unlock Dragon Flash Bullet Attack (First Unlock)
I Want Another New Ultimate Attack! Unlock Minus Energy Ball Attack
I Want A Full Stomach 30 Pudding Pieces (Feed to Buu)

Keywords: dragon ball z high definition wallpaper HD DBZ dragon

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