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Clinton Libya

Type: Literature (pdf)

Submitter: [anonymous]

Category: Essays - Government / Politics

Exhibition Date: 2018-05-27 08:55:26 MST

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Submitter's Comment
It was Muammar Gaddafi himself who invited renowned international peacemaker Dr. K.A. Paul to
Tripoli, Libya for peace talks in 2011. His relationship with Gaddafi started in 1992 as the dictator
looked up to Paul as a spiritual leader and peacemaker after learning about his counseling relationship
with King Hussein beginning in 1989 and with Yasser Arafat beginning in 1990. General Wesley Clark
then contacted and personally implored Dr. Paul to negotiate on behalf of he and Hillary Clinton. Dr.
Paul arrived in Tripoli on August 5, 2011 along with a group of Indian Members of Parliament, and for
ten days he negotiated with Gaddafi, Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, and other top
Libyan leaders.
Paul’s peacekeeping mission was widely reported by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and 32 international
members of the press, including the Associated Press. After ten days Gaddafi and his Prime Minister
officially agreed in writing to everything asked of them, including stepping down and holding free and
fair elections. Gaddafi complied with all of the changes that Hillary Clinton, the State Department, and
the White House demanded. The letter was signed and issued to the White house and the Clinton State
Department on August 19, 2011 through General Clark. Later on August 19, 2011, General Clark
with Secretary Clinton on the line called to congratulate Dr. Paul for "getting the job done in the
face of such danger."
It was Secretary Clinton, who made the fateful decision to continue bombing Libya, even though
escalating the conflict further was now 100% avoidable and completely unnecessary after the
successful peace negotiations. Secretary Clinton and the White house lied to Dr. Paul and betrayed the
Libyan administration who'd negotiated in good faith and continued to kill thousands upon thousands
of innocents, including women and children.
Clinton's foreign policy has created millions of displaced Libyan refugees, created a multitude of new
terrorists, and created a safe haven for ISIS. Clinton’s foreign policy transformed Libya from a largely
stable, Western-friendly nation to a trophy of U.S. policy failure. Taking credit for the toppling of the
government and Gaddafi's horrifying death, Clinton declared, “We came, we saw, he died!” followed
by laughter that can only be described as troubling. Mysteriously “missing” is massive wealth in gold
bars and other hard assets. Also “missing” are stockpiles of world-class weaponry that seem to have
simply vanished into thin air.

Keywords: Libyan War Refugee Flood DNC liability illegal war

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