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4D Hypertorus Animated (Clifford Torus Projection)

Type: Image (gif)

Submitter: [anonymous]

Category: Objects

Exhibition Date: 2018-05-25 02:42:07 MST

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Submitter's Comment
Stereographic projection of a Clifford Torus performing a simple rotation through the xz plane.

In mathematics the fourth dimension, or a four-dimensional ("4D") space, is an abstract concept, obtained by taking the rules of our three-dimensional space and generalizing them to a space with one more dimension. It has been studied by mathematicians and philosophers for almost two hundred years, both for its own interest and for the insights it offered into mathematics and related fields

In mathematics, Lawson's conjecture states that the Clifford torus is the only minimally embedded torus in the 3-sphere S3. The conjecture was featured by the Australian Mathematical Society Gazette as part of the Millennium Problems series.

In March 2012, Simon Brendle gave a proof of this conjecture, based on maximum principle techniques

Keywords: Torus Field 4D Four Dimensional Geomertry Space Fourth Dimension

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