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Top Flourinated States (Poisoning Water Supply)

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Submitter: [anonymous]

Category: Political

Exhibition Date: 2018-05-22 11:30:06 MST

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Submitter's Comment
Fluoride is a controversial topic in America. The majority of the population thinks that they are fine with ingesting fluoride because the Government (or their dentist) told them that fluoride was good and helped to prevent cavities. However Flouride is a neurotoxin & states which poison water supply with Flouride found to have a big increase in cancer rates from research going way back, yet only more states have poisoned water supply with it since.

Most educated people know not to drink tap water, however Flouride ends up getting in all plants we grow to eat when watered with Flourinated water, as well as gets absorbed in entire body when bathing or showering in it. Dr Dean Burk, Co-Founder of National Cancer Institute, compared poisoning water supply with Flouride to murder on Grand Scale, yet the amount of states poisoning water supply with Flouride has only increased since. There is a reason you're not suppose to swallow any products with Flouride in it, because it's highly toxic. It's toxic to your bones, brain & causes cancer.

The darker red a state is, the more forced drugging with neuro toxic Flouride in state.

Watch this interview with Dr Dean Burk, then release these people Flourinating water are criminals & knowingly poisoning population.

The amount of studies confirming it to be highly neurotoxic & accumulating in the brain (especially the pineal gland); as well as causing cancer has only increased since his research.

Keywords: Dr Dean Burk Flouride Murder on Grand Scale Evil Behind Forced Drugging

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