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Christianity and the Non-Aggression Principle

Type: Literature (pdf)

Submitter: [anonymous]


Exhibition Date: 2014-07-15 09:59:45 MST

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Submitter's Comment
The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) is the principle that states people do not have a right to initiate force against each other. The Non-Aggression Principle has its roots in the Golden Rule, which is to treat others how you would want to be treated. Jesus Christ set an example and emphasized for his followers not to initiate aggression against others, which is what the Non-Aggression Principle emphasizes.

Those who violate the Non-Aggression Principle or support laws which victimize people who haven\'t harmed anyone are going against the teachings of Christ and sinning themselves

Keywords: jesus christ golden rule libertarian christian libertarianism nonaggression true christian

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