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I'm a Libertarian Web Developer and Entrepreneur

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2018-06-05 11:24:29 MST
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With the new updates to the website, each user can customize their profile with a Biography if they wish, along with a Weblog, Whiteboard (Where others may post as well to interact with you, in addition to Private Messaging & Commenting on Submissions. Also under Contributions it will show submissions you've made and haven't marked as anonymous. Friend list is self explanatory. You can see your Favorites under the Favorites tab, eventually I would like to expand functionality so people can have a playlist consisting of just videos Favorited by the individual who's profile you're on.
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Limitless - 2018-06-07 21:31:52 MST
Libertarian Empire would seek to unite all minority currently supporting Democrats over promises of special treatment; instead by appealing to intelligence and desire to live free by everyone.

Men, Women & anything in between uniting around everyone having all natural rights protected; by unity in purpose on rather seeing humanity soar than self destruct by constantly letting profiteers pit them against each other.

Whether Black, White, Asian, Arab, Liberal or Conservative; it is obvios if Government is allowed to freely violate Non Aggression Principle, then Government has become what it was meant to defend us from. Oppression. With enough consideration, in each case the victim and offender can be judged using intuition with enough facts.

If the person going to jail is a victim of Government aggression, that remains true for eternity regardless of times. That isn't too say cops and members of organizations who's function inherently violates can't be redeemed. They might be where they are since they can best end the systematic abuse they've been part of while caught up in Illuminati deceit.
Methrage - 2018-03-06 02:32:54 MST
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